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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Police Department Makes 2 Bizarre Arrests

Photo: an equine stop SANTA CRUZ – On March 18th the Santa Cruz Police Department encountered a drunk man riding his horse on E. Lake Avenue.  A deputy “conducted an


Information Sought in the Death and Stolen Bicycle of a Pedestrian Struck Down Near The Armory

  FULLERTON — An ongoing investigation seeks information about an unknown suspect who stole the bicycle of a woman struck down by a vehicle as she walked her bike across


Bait Bikes Lead to Two Arrests in Midtown Sac

SACRAMENTO—A response by Sacramento Regional Transit officers on Tuesday, December 23 at approximately 5:45 p.m. to an electronic tracking system, which showed that a “bait bike” placed near Capitol Avenue and

Los Angeles

Bike Thief Caught on Camera

In the past two weeks, four secured bicycles have been stolen from bike racks at 54th Place and Ocean Blvd in Long Beach. Fortunately, three of the bicycles have been

San Bernardino

Volunteer Unit Nails Bike Theft Suspect

LOMA LINDA – A 47-year-old took the bait when sheriff’s deputies lured him into stealing a bicycle during a volunteer decoy operation this past weekend. On Monday, deputies identified Jose