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San Benito

Man arrested after allegedly leaving fire unattended

Originally published 6-19-20 via Facebook by the San Benito County Sheriff’s Office: “Following a series of fires, SBSO Detective Jason Leist worked with the Hollister Fire Department arson investigation team to locate a


Troublemaker Arrested 15 Times, Jailed Twice this Month on Suspicion of Arson

Photo: Abdulfatah Idris FREMONT — A jailbird is behind bars again and this time bond for his release is set at $75,000. This perpetual troublemaker has been arrested 15 times


Senior Citizen Sent to Jail on Suspicion of Setting 6 Fires

LARKSPUR— A senior citizen has been sent to jail on suspicion of intentionally setting six fires. These brush fires occurred in Larkspur and neighboring Corte Madera. The first three fires


Juveniles caught after setting fires, throwing rocks

The Citrus Heights Police Department nabbed two juveniles and are looking for three others after they created some general mayhem in the city – “CHPD received information related to fires

San Bernardino

Arsonist from Riverside Attempts Incendiary destruction of Telecommunication Towers

Photo: Bryan Guzman FONTANA – A response to a fire in the Jurupa Hills area on 06/11/20, at approximately 3:15 PM, sent officers to the scene of a flaming telecommunication

Contra Costa

Convicted Arsonist on Probation Allegedly Sets an RV on Fire

Photo: Jade N. McCoy CONCORD — A woman on probation for an arson conviction has been arrested on suspicion of setting another fire. She is also under investigation for other

Breaking News Ventura

Protesting Vandal Taken Down by Stun Gun

Photo: Michael Garcia Lazo June 4, 2020 – Ventura County – With protest demonstrations springing up nationwide, individuals expressing their social outrage by vandalizing public property occasionally find themselves coming


Transient Tattoo Artist in Custody for Residential Arson and Burglary

Photo: Hector Molina FREMONT — A transient tattoo artist with a criminal history is in custody, pending arraignment on May 29. The suspect faces several felony charges related to residential


Levi Coon tried to start a fire

Photo: Levi Coon With a name as unique as Ernest T. Bass, of Andy Griffith fame, but with fire instead of rocks as his weapon-of-choice, the Sonora Police Department tells


Man arrested after fire he set to keep warm spreads out of control

BOOKING PHOTO: Trinity County Sheriff’s Office Trinity County deputies have arrested a man who allegedly set a fire outside a Hayfork business to keep himself warm but fled the scene