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Flag on the Play for Punting Dog

Photo:Dylan McTaggart Ventura County – In the world of sport, few can claim the distance record for punting a dog into the air, but 25-year-old transient Dylan McTaggart is very

San Benito

Hollister Police: Man throws puppy to ground, arrested for felony animal cruelty

PHOTOS: Hollister PD HOLLISTER — Police arrested a 22-year-old Hollister man last week on suspicion of felony animal cruelty after he allegedly threw a puppy to the ground during an


Cockfighting ring busted, all 224 birds seized

Photo: John Michael Chappelear WESTMORELAND – Two search warrants were served in the Westmoreland area on May 28th in an effort to investigate an alleged cockfighting ring. Ultimately 224 birds


Man Beats Family Dog To Death

Photo: Ambrocio Hernandez Ambrocio Hernandez is a 27-year old male whose family does not allow him onto their property because of his drug use. On May 6th, his family arrived


No Contest Plea for Felony Animal Cruelty

Photo: Vonna Faye Hughes ANGELS CAMP -A pet grooming business by the name of Pet Bath House used to operate in Angels Camp. Then the owner, 70-year-old Vonna Faye Hughes,


Burro sanctuary owner arrested for animal cruelty

Photo: overgrown hoof OLANCHA – The Burro Sanctuary in Olancha was the scene on March 11 of the execution of a search and seizure warrant by deputies from the Inyo


Homeless Man Charged with Animal Cruelty After Tying & Kicking Small Dog Repeatedly

Photo: Manuel Pantoja SANTA ANA – A Hispanic male was arrested on Sunday night for binding a small, brown dog up with wires and repeatedly kicking him. The 13-year-old Chihuahua


Deputies Arrest Elderly Bicyclist Accused of Attacking a Hiker

Photo: Trail in Mount Burdell Preserve NOVATO — A chance encounter between a bicyclist and a hiker on a mountain trail turned ugly. Marin County Sheriff’s deputies later arrested the


Man Arrested for Killing Bunny

Photo: Dorian Mendoza What started as a presumably sweet gesture turned violent Thursday morning. Tulare County Deputies responded to a Goshen area home on January 31st after a woman reported


Dog urinates on yard and car, neighbor shoots it dead

Photo: Modesto Ramos No one likes dealing with a neighbor’s unruly pet, but a man in Terra Bella took his attempt to resolve this situation to a criminal level. A