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Deputies Arrest Elderly Bicyclist Accused of Attacking a Hiker

Photo: Trail in Mount Burdell Preserve NOVATO — A chance encounter between a bicyclist and a hiker on a mountain trail turned ugly. Marin County Sheriff’s deputies later arrested the


Man Arrested for Killing Bunny

Photo: Dorian Mendoza What started as a presumably sweet gesture turned violent Thursday morning. Tulare County Deputies responded to a Goshen area home on January 31st after a woman reported


Dog urinates on yard and car, neighbor shoots it dead

Photo: Modesto Ramos No one likes dealing with a neighbor’s unruly pet, but a man in Terra Bella took his attempt to resolve this situation to a criminal level. A


Animal Cruelty Charges for Mistreatment of 3 Horses, 10 Dogs

CLEARLAKE – Back on June 26th an investigation began in regards to the alleged animal cruelty of 3 horses and 10 dogs. Investigators arrived at a residence in the 14500


Animal Cruelty – Two Men Arrested for Beating Dogs to Death

Photo: Angel Valencia and Carlos Rivera OROSI – Deputies of the Tulare County Sheriff’s Officer responded to an animal cruelty report on October 17th. When they arrived at the Orosi

Santa Clara

Cattle ranchers discover grisly sight after dispute with property owner

Photo: Marc Belluomini SANTA CLARA COUNTY— Morgan Hill cattle ranchers discovered a grisly sight during a dispute with the property owner. SCSO investigators arrested Marc Belluomini, 54, on August 28 at


Animal Cruelty Results in Cat’s Death, Man’s Arrest

NAPA – The Solano Pet Emergency Clinic called an animal cruelty incident into the Napa Police Department. In the first place, on the evening of July 24 someone brought a


Dumping Dogs in Clarksburg Continues

Photo: R.I.P. little girl CLARKSBURG – On April 10 an injured pit bull was on the side of the road on Willow Point East, east of Jefferson Boulevard. Animal Services

Los Angeles

5 Years Probation for Killing Parrot

Photo: example of yellow-headed amazon parrot LONG BEACH – On December 26 2017 18-year-old Edward Cervantes got into a heated argument with the hosts of a home where he was


Man on Probation Arrested for Animal Cruelty

Photo: Nathan Flores A would be hero turned out to be a villain on March 20, 2018. Nathan Flores of Madera rescued an abandoned puppy from the Fresno River in