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Mugshots, or mug shots, are photographic portraits (sometimes called booking photos) of a person typically taken after they are arrested. The process of photographing criminals began back in the 1840’s – only a few years after photography was invented.

Here we have a collection of mugshots for your viewing pleasure:


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Celebrity News Los Angeles

Former Rap Mogul Suge Knight Pleads No Contest To Manslaughter

Photo: Marion “Suge” Knight Jr. LOS ANGELES – Marion “Suge” Knight Jr. (4/19/65, born in Compton) pleaded no contest yesterday to running over two men and killing one of them.

Celebrity News Los Angeles

Opportunist Charged with Attempted Extortion of Actor Kevin Hart

Photo: Jonathan Todd Jackson   LOS ANGELES –  “Action Jackson,” Jonathan Todd Jackson (dob 3/4/77) is facing a possible maximum four-year sentence in county jail for threatening extortion and trying to

Celebrity News Los Angeles

Grand Theft Oscar

Photo: Terry Bryant with Frances McDormand’s stolen statue HOLLYWOOD – The word spread quickly Oscar Night, March 5th, that Frances McDormand’s Oscar went missing at the Governor’s Ball. Little did

Celebrity News Los Angeles

Heather Locklear Arrested in Domestic Violence Incident

Photo: Heather Locklear THOUSAND OAKS – 56-year-old actress Heather Locklear was arrested early Monday morning on one count of domestic battery as well as three counts of battery for attacking

Celebrity News Los Angeles

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Star Nicholas Brendon Arrested for Alleged Domestic Violence Again

Nicholas Brendon PALM SPRINGS –Nicholas Brendon (46) of Los Angeles can’t stop getting arrested for mixing alcohol and pills with explosive results. The latest incident landed the 1990 series’ “Buffy

Celebrity News Los Angeles

Suge Knight’s Girlfriend Pleads No Contest to Violating Court Order

Toilin Kelly LOS ANGELES – 37-year-old Toilin Kelly pleaded no contest on Thursday to violating a court order by selling video evidence. Said video is under seal as it is part

Celebrity News Los Angeles

Machete and Gun Whipped Out in West Hollywood DASH Store

Maricia Medrano (CBS/KCAL) WEST HOLLYWOOD – Los Angeles County Sheriffs rushed to an “assault with a deadly weapon” call to the scene of The Kardashians’ DASH Store for a weapon-wielding

Celebrity News Los Angeles

Actor from Pretty Little Liars Sentenced

Brandon William Jones LOS ANGELES — 29-year-old Brandon William Jones, who has had a recurring role in the television program “Pretty Little Liars,” was sentenced on Monday to 180 days

Celebrity News Los Angeles

Reality Show Winner Charged with Domestic Violence

Joshua Demon Allen LOS ANGELES — 28-year-old Joshua Demon Allen was the winner in season 4 of the television competition “So You Think You Can Dance?” which aired in 2008.

Celebrity News Los Angeles

Bravo’s Jackie Warner Charged with DUI, Assault

Jackie Waddell LOS ANGELES — Jackie Renee Waddell, AKA Jackie Warner from the Bravo TV show “Work Out,” was recently charged with driving under the influence and assaulting a police