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Out of Jail, Steals Car, Tries to Steal Airplane – All in the Same Day

Photo: “Captain” Rukker trying to board HANFORD – Kevin Rukker had a busy day. First, in the morning, he left from jail after a stay of undetermined length. Next, he

Breaking News Solano

Two Days, Two Guns, Two Arrests

Photo: Taylor’s gun FAIRFIELD – On June 14 and 15 the FPD confiscated two guns and made two arrests. First, on June 14, officers on foot patrol encountered three individuals

Breaking News Los Angeles

Arsenal of 553 Firearms Seized in Agua Dulce

Photo: confiscated firepower AGUA DULCE – The LACSD and CA DOJ seized an arsenal of  553 firearms after they received a tip and conducted an investigation. The tip stated that

Breaking News San Francisco

Hammer-Held Home Invasion Burglar Busted

Photo: Tabari Akeem Austin SAN FRANCISCO – A home invasion burglary occurred on March 26 on the 1000 block of Goettingen Street. The female victim reported that “a man came

Breaking News Santa Clara

Self-Described “Sexual Deviant” Has Inappropriate Relationships with Under-aged Boys

Photo: Talia Sisco and Tina Pourani SANTA CLARA COUNTY — The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Sexual Assault Unit has made an arrest of two women, one who described herself as

Breaking News San Luis Obispo

He Just Wanted a Bottle of Water

Photo Joseph Sage Bramon ATASCADERO – Although he just wanted a bottle of water, taking it and threatening the store clerk turned it into a crime. On Wednesday afternoon Joseph

Breaking News San Benito

Killed His Friend Over Who Got the Front Seat

Photo: Sergio Orozco FONTANA – He wanted the front seat so badly, he killed the other guy who wanted it as well. On Sunday night a call came to the

Breaking News Riverside

Hammer Down in Desert Hot Springs Attempted Murder

Photo: Jeffrey Grant Hammer Jr. DESERT HOT SPRINGS – DHSPD nabbed a Desert Hot Springs attempted murder suspect on June 11.  33-year-old Jeffrey Grant Hammer Jr. shot someone on June

Breaking News Sacramento

Observant Citizen Helps Nab Two Burglars

Photo: Kris Rashah Smith NEWCASTLE – An “observant citizen” recently helped to stop two burglars. The citizen spotted “suspicious activity” at 11 pm on June 7. To begin with, a