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5 Years Probation for Killing Parrot

Photo: example of yellow-headed amazon parrot LONG BEACH – On December 26 2017 18-year-old Edward Cervantes got into a heated argument with the hosts of a home where he was

Breaking News Sacramento

Wild Day of Stabbing, Attempted Robberies and Stand-Off

Photo: Delgado under arrest SACRAMENTO – On Friday morning a 911 call came in from the 7300 block of Gardner Avenue during which the caller reported that he had been

Breaking News Fresno

Suspect Charged with Toddler’s Murder

Photo: Devin Ratliff A big step forward was taken in the pursuit of justice for 20-month old Rashad Halford, Jr. as his suspected murderer, 30-year old Devin Ratliff, was arrested

Breaking News Shasta

Thor’s ‘Free Air Sniff’ Discovers Meth

Photo: Thor and his take WHISKEYTOWN LAKE – Early on Wednesday morning a representative of the SCSO conducted the infamous “traffic stop” on Highway 299. The driver, 46-year-old Weaverville resident

Alameda Breaking News

Homeless Man Accused of Assaulting Janitor with Caustic Chemical

Photo: William Kearney BERKELEY — A homeless man was arrested last weekend for allegedly assaulting a janitor with a caustic chemical at the University of California at Berkeley campus, which

Breaking News Los Angeles

Capital Murder Charges for Man Who Set Deadly Recording Studio Fire

Photo: Efrem Zimbalist Demery STUDIO CITY- Two people were killed and two others seriously injured when a fire broke out at a recording studio located in the 3700 block of