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Breaking News Ventura

Arrested for Killing His Brother in 2017

Photo: Luis Aceves Ventura County – Deputies arrested a man for killing his brother after a fatal altercation between them.The fatal stabbing occurred more than a year ago. It resulted

Breaking News Tulare

10,000 Pot Plants Are Hard To Hide

Photo: scene of grow TULARE – You have to admit – 10,000 pot plants are hard to hide. TAGNET (Tulare Area Gang and Narcotics Enforcement Team) has been looking for

Breaking News Humboldt

Lorna Jean Leen Arrested for Homicide of Juvenile

Photo: Lorna Jean Leen EUREKA – The EPD arrested Lorna Jean Leen one day after a homicide at the Ocean View Cemetery. Officers arrived at the cemetery on August 9

Breaking News Santa Barbara

Busted with Record-breaking Jailhouse Contraband

Photo: Dylan Sulit-Swalley Santa Barbara – Being busted with record-breaking jailhouse contraband is one of the more bizarre arrests on record. At first blush, it appeared to involve a typical

Breaking News Colusa

Jackpot at the Jackpot in Colusa

Photo: Dylan Dean Brock COLUSA – The CPD hit the jackpot at the Jackpot on August 2.  An officer conducted a vehicle stop at 10:30 that night at the Jackpot