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10,000 Pot Plants Are Hard To Hide

Photo: scene of grow TULARE – You have to admit – 10,000 pot plants are hard to hide. TAGNET (Tulare Area Gang and Narcotics Enforcement Team) has been looking for


5 Juvenile Robbers Arrested for Ivanhoe and Monson Crimes

Photo: surveillance pic of robbery CUTLER – Detectives nabbed five juvenile robbers who committed crimes last week in Monson and Ivanhoe. Detectives identified the stolen 2014 Mazda used in the


3,000 Marijuana Plants, 84 Lbs. of Dried Dope, 26 Processed Pounds

Photo: Diego Lua Garcia ORANGE COVE – TCSO seized 3,000 marijuana plants and other forms of the drug on August 7.  The raid began at 8:00 a.m., conducted by the


Fake Fruit-Packing Business Spans Three Counties

Photo: seized stolen materials TULARE – Tulare County detectives busted a fake fruit-packing business on August 6. Kern County AG detectives assisted in the operation. Authorities recovered “a large amount

Fresno Tulare

Land, Water, and Air – This Chase Had All Three Elements

Photo: helicopter helps pursue Martinez (left) DEL REY –  Land, water, air – a recent burglary had it all. As if robbing from people you know isn’t bad enough.  The


Sure, I’ll ‘Watch’ Your House

Photo: Tyler Watson LINDSAY – Most likely somewhere in this story the suspect said, “Sure, I’ll watch your house while you’re gone.” The family at a Lindsay home went out


They Called it ‘Operation Red Rose’

Photo: Operation Red Rose TULARE – On August 3 TCSD detectives executed Operation Red Rose in an undisclosed area of Tulare County. Ongoing reports of men using prostitution websites to


Returning to the Scene of the Crime Gets Burglar Time

Photo: Oscar Rodriguez and Ricardo Gomez-Jimenez TULARE – A family farm set the scene of the crime for a busy weekend there. On Saturday someone burglarized a storage building on


Additional Two Charged for Murder of Kingsburg Man

Photo: Mario Torres TULARE – An additional two join Miguel Corona as suspects responsible for the murder of 24-year old Nieko Manderson.  Someone discovered Manderson on April 2nd on the


Porterville Deputies Searched, Found More Than They Expected

Photo: Antonio Chavez PORTERVILLE – Porterville deputies recently found more than they expected. In the first place, the Substation Deputies thought they were locating and arresting one suspect on July