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Car Thief Loses 100 mph Car Chase

Ventura County - Every now and then, law enforcement comes across someone who simply watches too many “Fast and Furious” re-runs and apparently believes that it’s actually a good idea to put pedal to metal when they see those flashing gumballs in the rearview mirror of the “ride” they’ve stolen. All indications are that Michael Borjas, 21, a Ventura resident, ...Full Article

Relentless “Customer” Arrested for Stalking

VENTURA – Some guys just don’t know when to take a hint. By all appearances, John Brophy, a 29-year old resident of Ventura, is one of those guys. As ...Full Article

Teen Arrested for Murder of Pregnant Girlfriend

Ventura County - On March 15th of this year, the body of Ashley Moran, a 21-year old resident of Santa Paula, was found hidden in the brush of a small ...Full Article

Parole & Probation Net Nabs 22

Ventura County - Few California prison inmates serve the total time of their sentence behind bars. Most are released after a specified minimum percentage of time in custody, and with ...Full Article

Heroin Dealer Charged with Manslaughter

Ventura County - The wheels of justice, while frequently turning at a painstaking pace, rarely come to a complete standstill. This reality was borne out in the case of Michael ...Full Article

Teen “Car Hoppers” Busted

VENTURA COUNTY – In an unusual expression of official compassion for the families of criminals, Ventura County Sheriff-Thousand Oaks Police Department Sgt. D. Worthy—in reporting a rash of auto burglaries ...Full Article

Shot By Cops, Now Awaiting Arrest

Ventura County - Imagine the anguish of lying in a hospital bed with life-threatening injuries inflicted by a hail of police gunshots and being in such serious condition that the ...Full Article

Trio Tagged for Hit and Run, Drug Violations

Ventura County – Thomas Meza, 31, Christopher Rodriguez, 25, and Ashley Moraga, 20 were each arrested on the morning of August 4th following a wild and erratic police pursuit ...Full Article

Thief Leads Cops on Mini-Cooper Chase

Ventura County - If you’re going to steal a car and try to outrun a police pursuit, it’s important to a) steal the right kind of car and b) have ...Full Article

Five Arrests on Cocaine Charges

Ventura County - Over a two day period from July 31st to August 1st, the Ventura County Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit fulfilled their mission of fighting the traffic of illegal ...Full Article
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