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Girlfriend Can’t Call Inmate and Makes Bomb Threat

Ventura - Details have just been released regarding Krystal Lovas, 31, a Moorpark resident who was apparently unaware of the sensitive nature of law enforcement personnel charged with the protection and safekeeping of those in their custodial care on the night of March 26th, when she made a series of phone calls to the Ventura County Jail…and threatened to blow ...Full Article

“San Francisco Six” Hit Ventura in “Flash Mob” Heist

Ventura County - With well-rehearsed precision akin to that often seen in popular heist movies, on the afternoon of April 9th six females hailing from the San Francisco Area pulled ...Full Article

Youth Club Burglar Caught in the Act

Ventura County - The Thousand Oaks Boys and Girls Club, and agency of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley with the well-publicized mission to “provide life-changing programs ...Full Article

Sketch Artist Drawing Nabs Flasher

Camarillo - Perhaps hoping to live in infamy as did Robert Opel following his sudden rise to international notoriety when he “streaked” across the 46th Academy Awards stage wearing nothing ...Full Article

Burglar Had the Keys to Target Homes

Ventura County - The date of this report notwithstanding, it’s no April Fool’s prank when those who are entrusted with our security violate it by criminal subterfuge.  From any perpetrator’s ...Full Article

April Fool’s Foolish Burglars Busted

Ojai - When a couple of Ojai residents returned home in the early evening of March 31st following a hard day at work, they discovered that their house has been ...Full Article

Welfare Worker or…Child Molester?

Ventura County - In what has to be the working definition of the notion of “irony”, Ventura County Sheriff’s Major Crimes Bureau and its Sexual Assault Unit have arrested Luis ...Full Article

One Guy’s Warrant Nets 6 Cohorts

Ventura County - The word has undoubtedly spread like wildfire throughout the Ventura County communities of Piru and Fillmore that with a friend like Pedro Tello, you truly don’t need ...Full Article

Busy Car Burglars Busted

Ventura County - When local law enforcement in any community publishes a warning to the public to “please lock your car”, there’s a good reason…and that reason was certainly in ...Full Article

9-year-old Boy Used as Human Shield in Drug Bust

Ventura - Some people simply watch too much TV and have difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality. Proof of that came on March 14th when Ventura County Sheriff’s Department patrol officers ...Full Article
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