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Scammer Caught on Video

Ventura County – In a world where we’re all being watched everywhere we go by any number of video recording devices, criminals would be well advised to never go out in public without wearing a very convincing disguise. Maybe Steve Michael Stevens, a 30-year old Ventura County transient, just hasn’t heard the message that video surveillance is ubiquitous today, and ...Full Article

100 mph Car Chase Ends in DUI Bust

Ventura County – Laying to rest the classic assumption that “driving under the influence” refers solely to those who may have enjoyed too much Happy Hour at their local cocktail ...Full Article

False Claim Puts Inmate Back in Jail

Ventura – Nobody likes being incarcerated, even if they admit their guilt to a crime. Some people harbor so much resentment over having been jailed, whether guilty of charges or ...Full Article

Stabbing Leads to Drug Bust

Ventura County – There are certain Rules of Life which must be followed. Among the long list of tips for successfully navigating one’s way through this world are the Rules ...Full Article

Armed, Barricaded, and Making Bombs

Ventura County – 28-year-old James Carlton, an apartment dweller in Simi Valley, apparently likes to keep busy with his hobbies…one of which is playing around with explosives. Evidence of that ...Full Article

Bail Set in Million$ for “Knock-Knock” Burglars

Ventura County – In a series of major media announcements made by both Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Ventura County Sheriff’s Department investigators, the arrests of Rodrick Brumfield, 29, ...Full Article

Auto Seat Thieves Busted

Ventura County – Anyone who owns a car in any of California’s urban areas knows full well the potential consequences of leaving the keys in the car: you’re begging to ...Full Article

Hospital Worker Arrested for Sexual Assault of Patients…Again

Ventura County – Juan Pablo Valencia, 37, a former member of Ventura’s Vista Del Mar Psychiatric Hospital staff, was arrested for the second time on June 4th pursuant to reports ...Full Article

Motoring Masturbator in Firm Hand of the Law

Ventura County – The Fillmore Police Department has recently received a number of citizen reports recounting serial episodes of public indecency performed on city streets by a man driving a ...Full Article

Half-million-dollar Bail for Drug Dealer

Ventura County – Paul Flores, a 33-year old resident of the oceanfront community of Port Hueneme, apparently harbors an unfettered entrepreneurial instinct. As the proprietor of “Vapor Forest”, an Oxnard ...Full Article
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