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Needed a Smoke, Robbed the Store

Ventura – In apparent disregard of the reality in today’s health-conscious environment where it’s no longer an easy thing to find a place anywhere in public where a gentleman can enjoy the pleasures of a good smoke, in the mid-afternoon of November 16th Jay Quintero, a 22-year old resident of Ventura entered his local gas station convenience store in search ...Full Article

Probation Sweep Nets Six Arrests

Ventura County – Proving once again that any criminal conviction has long term effects upon anyone who has served jail or prison time as a result of their Criminal Code ...Full Article

Burglar Caught After Swimming with Ducks

Ventura – It’s doubtful that in the handbook Getting Away with Burglary, the chapter on evading arrest suggests aquatic escape routes as the best means of avoiding incarceration. Nor would ...Full Article

Halloween Gunfire Leads to Car Chase and Dog Bites

Ventura – Standing squarely in the “one thing leads to another on Halloween” column, Erick Hernandez, 19, and Edward Juarez, 18, hailing respectively from Ventura and Camarillo, were arrested in ...Full Article

Reputation Precedes Felon with Drugs & Guns

Ventura County – As Benjamin Franklin himself remarked, “glass, china, and reputation are easily cracked, and never mended well,” words that might well be applied to the personal, public, and ...Full Article

DUI Hit & Run Cop Killer Arrested

Ventura County – Nobody likes getting pulled over on the freeway and being ticketed by the cops. And everybody understands that once the man or woman in uniform starts writing, ...Full Article

Dope Extractor Caught

Ventura – While the Television Academy of Arts & Sciences over recent years has bestowed multiple Emmy Awards on those writers, producers, directors, and actors contributing to the phenomenal success ...Full Article

Wrong Guy in Possession of Arsenal

Ventura – Although it may be common knowledge that those individuals who have been convicted of serious felonies in California are forever prohibited from owning or possessing a wide range ...Full Article

Car Thief Drives, Runs, Swims…and is Busted

Ventura – Robert Salazar, a 43-year old Oxnard resident may have been hoping to create a new triathlon category on October 20th, when he attempted to evade arrest by first ...Full Article

Rape Victim Blows Whistle on “Roommates”

Ventura – Today’s tight rental market, wherein the monthly cost of apartment occupancy frequently exceeds individual financial resources, can create unique and potentially “questionable” living arrangements among friends, relatives, and ...Full Article
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