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Modesto carjacking trio arrested

One suspect is still wanted by police Early on Thursday morning, at 6 am, two people were out, most likely for breakfast at the International House of Pancakes on Orangeburg at Evergreen, just across the 99 Freeway from Modesto Junior College. In the parking lot, according to Heather Graves of the Modesto Police, the man’s car was suddenly surrounded ...Full Article

Skateboarder – motorist conflict turns into murder

MODESTO – An argument between a skateboarder and a driver escalated to a fight Sunday, and resulted in the death of one young man and the other arrested for ...Full Article

Modesto drug fraud ring busted

Doctors in general have a well known reputation for writing illegibly when filling out prescriptions, but ironically enough, that sloppy handwriting is one of the key measures to prevent ...Full Article

Riverbank Thanksgiving robber is an easy arrest for Stanislaus detectives

The Stockton Police Department contacted Stanislaus Sheriff’s Detective Eric Torres this week to let him know that had a man in custody who had let on that he had ...Full Article

Employee is caught embezzling a hefty sum

Riverbank, California is a small town in Stanislaus County just outside of Modesto along the bank of the Stanislaus River. Monschein Industries is headquartered in Riverbank, and is a ...Full Article

Modesto man attacks co-worker in Petaluma, and flees to Humboldt

A Modesto man on a work crew in Petaluma, about 120 miles from his home, attacked a co-worker, stole a car, and then fled to the Humboldt County town ...Full Article

20-year-old jailed for multiple armed robberies

Modesto – A Stockton man is being accused of robbing three Oakdale Road businesses in four hours on Wednesday. Christopher Dial, 20, began his crime spree at 9:00 a.m. ...Full Article

Oakdale youth pastor caught with child porn, police say

Ceres police have found child porn in the home of a local youth pastor. Tyler Bliss, 27, was arrested early last week after authorities on Monday seized computers from ...Full Article

Couple duped families into buying fake Disneyland tickets, police say

A Ceres couple has been arrested for selling fake Disneyland tickets on Craigslist. Jessica Melendez, 33, and Israel Vasquez, 32, allegedly purchased real tickets from AAA, but then made ...Full Article

Stanislaus Police Officers Facing Assault and Sexual Assault in Separate Cases

In two separate cases in Stanislaus County, Police Officers Robert Hodges and Christopher Melton both face possible jail sentences for recent crimes they have committed. Hodges has been accused ...Full Article
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