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Covert Cops In Court Cuff Driver Advised Not to Drive

Santa Rosa – Plainly clothed police officers participated in a sting operation at the Sonoma County Hall of Justice on Wednesday, August 27. Defendants facing charges of DUIs and suspended or unlicensed violations were monitored after they left the courthouse. If unlicensed and/or suspended drivers were seen getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, they were to be apprehended ...Full Article

DNA Evidence finds home invasion suspect in jail

When you’re arrested or convicted for a felony offense, your DNA profile is collected and placed into a statewide database for use in potential matches of past or future ...Full Article

Armed drug dealer and customer nabbed in Sonoma park

Just a few hours before a large 6.0 earthquake rocked the early morning hours Sunday in Napa and nearby Sonoma Counties, it was business as usual for law enforcement. ...Full Article

Santa Rosa CHP Arrest Two and Recover Two Vehicles

Santa Rosa – On Wednesday morning August 20 at approximately 6 a.m. CHP officers responded to a report of a vehicle blocking Burnside Road south of Sebastopol. The 1994 ...Full Article

Busy car thief arrested once again

These days in California, due to budget constraints and prison realignment, people arrested for non-violent crimes are usually released on little or no bail pending their court date, and ...Full Article

SWAT team called to Retirement Community

A dispute between two residents of a Sonoma Retirement Community left one man in the hospital and another under arrest after a SWAT team standoff. On Friday evening, August ...Full Article

Escaped prisoner thinks better of it

A man being held in the Sonoma North County Detention Facility made a run for it and got away. But in the end, he decided to come back and ...Full Article

Drug hub apartment leads to four arrests

SANTA ROSA – Sonoma County Sheriff’s detectives had their eye on Michael Nephew’s apartment on Heidi Place, which is just around the corner from the Children’s Museum of Sonoma ...Full Article

Santa Rosa officers assaulted by K-Mart thief

It’s hard to imagine how he thought he could get away with it, but perhaps he was high on methamphetamine at the time was was running on nervous energy. ...Full Article

Another man caught chasing phantom 13-year-old

SANTA ROSA – There is something about 13-year-old girls that makes a child molester, or potential child molester, go mad. Detectives in many jurisdictions have been effectively using fictitious ...Full Article
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