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Redding street fight leads to murder charges for two young men

REDDING – Tempers must have been running hot on late Saturday night, when an encounter between two men in a car and two men on the street turned violent. Apparently the car nearly hit the two who were walking, and when they voiced their objections, no doubt with choice words, and perhaps even gestures, it was enough to make ...Full Article

Late night street fight sends two to ER

REDDING – It was Fritz and Schmies vs. Hiers and Byers in a late Saturday night street brawl in western Redding, right outside the California Safety Co. It happened ...Full Article

Redding police finally nail dangerous fugitive

John Nicholas Delevati, 29, a known dangerous criminal, was captured yesterday after nearly escaping police for the second time in two months. Delevati has a criminal record too long ...Full Article

Fireman lights the way in the darkness

A Redding police sergeant driving through through north Redding along Twin View Boulevard just past Constitution at 4 am Thursday morning must have thought he was approaching the scene ...Full Article

Small time crook goes for armed robbery

REDDING – A man with a laundry list of offenses dating as far back as 2007 has been arrested for an armed robbery at the Redding Metro PCS store ...Full Article

Redding Man Assaulted by a “Nightmare”

30-year old Daniel Blair had been assaulted by a man, whom he referred to as “Nightmare”, on June 28, 2014 around 4:00 p.m in Redding, CA. According to the ...Full Article

Serial armed robber arrested in Redding

Redding Police announced the arrest of a man who was tied to several robberies and at least one burglary in recent months. On Tuesday night, an employee of Dutch ...Full Article

Baked motorist runs over drunk jaywalker — jaywalker at fault

REDDING — Just after 1:00 in the morning on June 22, Redding Police officers responded to a report of a pedestrian struck by a vehicle in the area of ...Full Article

Thrown milkshake brought the bullets to the yard

REDDING — On June 10th just after 1 a.m., Redding Police officers turned up at a local hospital regarding a gunshot victim who’d arrived shortly before. Apparently, she and ...Full Article

Redding DUI results in tragedy

Despite seatbelts and airbags, a single car collision resulted in one death and injuries to the others in the car. According to the Redding police, on Saturday night at ...Full Article
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