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Sacramento man wanted in Redding arrested after Carnival ends

A man on Redding’s most wanted list was arrested Monday in Roseville. 36-year-old Andrew Thomas Jackson is in custody after being arrested Monday on an outstanding warrant from Redding Police and Shasta County. Jackson was due to re-appear in Shasta County Courthouse in a follow up to past burglary charges, but missed his appearance. He was highlighted on the ...Full Article

Dispute leads to armed robbery arrest for two men

REDDING – A young man in Redding reported being robbed at gunpoint by two men who accused him of stealing an X-Box. He had just given one of them ...Full Article

Repeatedly-attempting robber in Redding can’t seem to catch a break

REDDING — On the 4th of April just before 7 a.m., an employee of the Lulu’s Restaurant at 2230 Pine Street called to report an attempted robbery that had ...Full Article

Redding man jumps to uncertain fate

On Saturday evening, just before 7 pm, Redding Police were sent to a motel at the 500 block of Market Street in north Redding, near the Turtle Bay Exploration ...Full Article

Merced criminals migrating north caught by the law

On Monday this week the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office announced the arrest of a man in the town of Cloverdale, 200 miles north of the Central Valley city of ...Full Article

Wanted man found hiding in hot tub

REDDING – Police were on the hunt for a parolee with a stack of warrants out on him, but had to use a police dog to finally track him ...Full Article

Car thief out of jail at it again

REDDING – A young man who has been in frequent trouble with the law was arrested once again after leading police on a chase and wrecking a stolen car, ...Full Article

Two young men arrested in standoff

REDDING – Two wanted men were arrested by the Redding Police yesterday, but not before they held them at bay for nearly two hours. Benson Thomas Hodges III had ...Full Article

Who shot who and where?

REDDING – On Wednesday night this week, police called out to a home on Victor Avenue on reports of gunfire. According to Redding Police, the officers responding to the ...Full Article

Redding man arrested tells a different story

REDDING – On Wednesday this week we reported a story of John Charles Wilkinson who, according to police, was arrested when police were investigating reports of people trying to ...Full Article
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