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Redding man arrested busting up his mobile home

What set Brian James Willis off twice in a week’s time, getting him thrown into jail once, and then back again? Perhaps it was living in a small, single wide mobile home for so long. Willis has lived in the Starlight Mobile Estates for at least nine years – it was his residence of record on May 21 of ...Full Article

Anderson woman looking for a new roommate?

Who is Sharee Fallon Mount, and what is she doing? According to the Anderson Police, she seems to be “couch surfing”. According to her Facebook page, she is a ...Full Article

Redding resident goes on a crime spree

It was Friday afternoon in south Redding, out along Eastside Road, which runs alongside the railroad tracks opposite South Market Street. Just south of Bonnyview Road, the area is ...Full Article

K9 helps nab Anderson car thief

Kyle Ray Prather and a friend were out late Tuesday night, apparently doing some shopping at the 24-hour Walmart in Anderson, the Shasta County town just south of Redding ...Full Article

Redding ex-con suffers severe injury in knife attack

On Tuesday night, July 27, the bizarre spectacle of a car, with one tire so damaged that it was riding on just the rim, pulling into the Shasta Regional ...Full Article

Redding woman arrested for attack on homeless man

On the face of it, Michael Glenn Peacock and Chelsea Annemarie Rocha seem to have a lot in common. Though Peacock at 49 is quite a bit older that ...Full Article

Redding sex offender disturbs children’s party

Residents of Ricardo Avenue in south Redding, in the Layton Oaks area just west of the Interstate 5 Freeway, may or may not have been aware that a registered ...Full Article

Redding man back in custody after being caught on video

Dakota James Schargus seems to have a knack for getting arrested on drug charges, but he really has an aversion to showing up for court to face the music. ...Full Article

Redding couple caught, this time in Mendocino County

Donald Gordon Powell and Lawanda Jean Parks seem to have gotten together in Redding, though they both currently reside south of the city. Powell, 34, lives in Cottonwood, south ...Full Article

Recent Roseville Arrests

A suspect arrested on suspicion of vehicle theft and two suspects arrested on suspicion of selling drugs were some of the latest arrests made in the Roseville area, according ...Full Article
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