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Some Criminals Never Learn

Suspects Were Just Arrested in August SANTA CRUZ—The Santa Cruz Police Department’s Neighborhood Enforcement team arrested a couple for the second time in three months. 32-year-old Jeremy Dustin Pineda of Boulder Creek and 23-year-old Fallon Cynthia Feurtado of Santa Cruz were picked up on drug charges. Just a few weeks ago, in August, the pair were found with a ...Full Article

Online fashion retailer Justfabulous, Inc. to settle lawsuit for $1.8 million

Online fashion retailer Justfabulous, Inc. has paid $1.8 million this week to settle a consumer protection lawsuit alleging its popular personal shopper websites were illegally misleading customers. A lawsuit ...Full Article

Eviction Notice Leads To Arson and Jail Time

Suspect Even Solicited An Acquaintance SANTA CRUZ—Stop me if you have heard this one. Suspect gets served with an eviction notice, then takes out an insurance policy, then sets ...Full Article

Suspect Arrested For Producing ‘Honey Oil’

Search Warrant Produced High Sophisticated Lab SANTA CRUZ—Agents with the Santa Cruz County Anti-Crime Team Narcotics Task Force arrested 34-year-old Justin Morley Pullman after a search of his home ...Full Article

Man Arrested In Double Homicide

One Victim Was A 4-year-old Child WATSONVILLE—the Watsonville Police Department arrested 31-year-old Michael Angelo Escobar for his part in a disturbance in the parking lot between the Fish House ...Full Article

“Bad Samaritan” Identified and Arrested

Suspect Confessed And Gave Up Stolen Property SANTA CRUZ—Last week we reported on a man who burglarized a man’s house while he fell asleep. After several leads developed from ...Full Article

Intoxicated Man Drags Deputy With His Car

Suspect Attempted To Knock Off Deputy From Vehicle BOULDER CREEK—The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a 28-year-old man for driving while intoxicated and dragging an officer in ...Full Article

Victim Sleeps Through Burglary

Suspect Picked Up the Intoxicated Victim SANTA CRUZ—The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a ‘Bad Samaritan’ who helped an intoxicated man find his way home, then ...Full Article

Gun Shot Wound Leads to Jail Time

Suspect Was Shot By One of His Co-Conspirators SCOTTS VALLEY—Detectives with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office arrested four suspects in a home invasion robbery, after a reported gunshot ...Full Article

Road rage caused by accident goes to court, twice

BOULDER CREEK, Calif – A Civil Court case being heard in October has already garnered a history of activities not usually associated with a civil case. 44-year-old Nicole Ann ...Full Article
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