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Santa Barbara

Convicted Pimp Loses It at Sentencing Hearing

Santa Barbara – The Santa Barbara Superior Courthouse, a favored tourist destination whose open-air corridors are frequented by mega-busloads of camera-toting European and Asian travelers intrigued by its iconic Mission Style architecture, is generally a tranquil place with sound levels akin to those of a public library. Attorneys and their clients whisper as they plan their strategy just outside of ...Full Article

U-Turn Becomes Police Chase

Santa Barbara County – Nobody likes getting a ticket, much less a moving violation of any kind. But when a driver spots those flashing red “gumballs” in the rearview mirror, ...Full Article

“House Party” Host Busted for Sex with Minor

Santa Barbara County – One might reasonably refer to anyone who lures underage girls into his home on the pretext of enjoying a period of social engagement as a “creep” ...Full Article

Alleged Street Killer in Custody

Santa Barbara – The streets of “the mission city”, which enjoy an international reputation as a peaceful, brick-paved, tourist-filled destination for vacationing families, honeymooners, and discretionarily-spending shoppers, are occasionally anything ...Full Article

Wanted for DUI Hit-and-Run with Child Endangerment

Santa Barbara County – The City of Santa Maria, now the largest metropolitan area within Santa Barbara County, appears to have become a traffic cop’s dream—or nightmare, depending upon the ...Full Article

Hit-and-Run Driver Nabbed

Santa Barbara – With a population rapidly approaching 35,000,000 souls in the State of California, and with nearly one car for every one of those fine folks registered and on ...Full Article

Child Care or Child Torture?

Santa Barbara County – What may well become one of the most sensational criminal investigations in the area’s recent history got off to a running start on February 10th with ...Full Article

Heat of Passion Turns into Firebomb Attempt

Santa Barbara County – Chad Ramos, a 34-year old resident of Santa Maria apparently had the hots for a lady who was no longer interested in the warm affection he ...Full Article

Convicted Child Molester Gets Maxed Out

Santa Barbara – Manuel Peter Munoz, 65, following a 16-day jury trial in which he was found guilty of five felony counts of child molestation, has received the maximum sentence ...Full Article

Fisherman Busted for Interfering with Investigation

Santa Barbara – For the past few years, Santa Barbara’s near offshore waters have been a maritime freeway for drug smugglers transporting large quantities of marijuana up the Pacific Coast. ...Full Article
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