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Santa Barbara

Robberies & Burglaries Plague Isla Vista

Santa Barbara – The current profile of UCSB in the media could use some polishing, but recent events in the adjacent residential community of Isla Vista—truly a “college town” if there ever was one—continue to tarnish the reputation of one of the nation’s leading research universities. Evidence of that continues to arise with an unsolved armed robbery taking place at ...Full Article

Two UCSB Students Shot

Santa Barbara – The UCSB community, having just honored those “first responders” credited with saving lives and providing emergency services to the victims of last year’s Isla Vista killing that ...Full Article

“Late Checkout” Ends in Arrests

Santa Barbara County – We all know how, when traveling and staying in hotels or motels, it’s nearly impossible to enjoy a leisurely morning of “sleeping in”, enjoying room service, ...Full Article

“Suicide by Cop” Foiled by Arrest

Santa Barbara County – On the afternoon of April 27th, Santa Maria Police Department deputies found themselves faced with a situation requiring considerable restraint on their part. It was in ...Full Article

Father & Son Brawl with Cops…and Lose

Santa Barbara County – Arturo Gutierrez, a 52-year old Lompoc resident, was under a court retraining order prohibiting him from making any contact with his wife, so when he showed ...Full Article

“Compliance Sweep” Nets 17 Violators

Santa Barbara County – If you’re convicted of a crime and think that following your jail or prison term, you are released into the world “a free man (or woman),” ...Full Article

Carpinteria Car Thieves Caught

Carpinteria – It’s not likely that tourists visiting the beachfront town of Carpinteria and lodging at the local Motel 6 are aware of their fellow overnight guests who use the ...Full Article

Trio Arrested for Robbery & Assault with Skateboard

Goleta – The UC Santa Barbara campus—an island of academic tranquility wedged between the takeoffs and landings of the Santa Barbara Municipal Airport to the east, and the narrow, densely ...Full Article

17 Arrested in Human Trafficking Crackdown

Santa Barbara – When thinking of hotbeds of the illicit sex trade, Santa Barbara’s beaches and iconic Mission architecture, and the thousands of international tourists they attract weekly—including many senior ...Full Article

Bonnie & Clyde Bank Robbers Caught 17 Minutes Later

Carpinteria – “The Official Rules for Successfully Robbing a Bank” should probably include the following: 1) Never rob a bank during commuter rush hour. 2) Never rob a bank and ...Full Article
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