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Dying Victim Names Killer

Santa Barbara County - Notwithstanding the frequent portrayal of those suffering a fatal gunshot wound in the movies or on television cop shows, rarely do law enforcement personnel hear dying victims identify their killers by name. Occasionally, however, reality can mirror theatrical drama, and such appears to have been the case on the night of October 13th when, according to ...Full Article

Couple Arrested for Stabbing

Santa Barbara County- Proving once again that the threat of deadly violence respects no gender distinction, and that a lady with a knife is not to be trifled with, Autumn ...Full Article

Young Robbery Trio Suspected of Multiple Jobs

Citizens and business operators in Northern Santa Barbara County, having been plagued by nearly a dozen armed robberies in recent weeks, may be sleeping better tonight in the knowledge ...Full Article

Child Porn Cyber-Sicko Caught

Carpinteria - If you think that your web-surfing history is nobody’s business but your own…you might want to think again. Giovanni Gonzalez, a 24-year old resident of Carpinteria just south ...Full Article

“Tax Collector” Gangsters Arrested

Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara Police Department Public Information Officer Sgt. Riley Harwood has released details of the arrests of four local area gang members suspected to have ties with ...Full Article

“Paper Hangers” Busted with Bad Benjamins

Santa Barbara County - A team of apparently sophisticated counterfeiters working the scenic Central Coast tourist town of Solvang received something of a compliment from local law enforcement when evidence ...Full Article

UCSB Visitor Accused of Rape Held Without Bail

Santa Barbara - The University of California at Santa Barbara, arguably enjoying the most idyllic of campus settings anywhere in the nation, has certainly had more than its share of ...Full Article

UCSB Professor Busted for False Imprisonment

Santa Barbara - As if the UCSB administration didn’t have enough problems dealing with the recent public relations fallout following the April Deltopia Riots and the May 23, 2014 “Isla ...Full Article

$5 million Bail for Serial Child Molester

Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Kelly Hoover recently reported to the media details of the September 10th arrest of Joseph Michael Hyde, a 63-year ...Full Article

Local Boy Turns Thief in His Own Backyard

Santa Barbara - Among the Top Ten Rules for Successful Thievery, one would think that “don’t steal in your own neighborhood” might rank high on the list. Apparently, that fundamental ...Full Article
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