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Threatens Cops, Earns Arrest

Santa Barbara County – A 911 Emergency call made in the middle of the morning on July 21st reporting a man who was possibly armed brought Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department patrol deputies to an Orcutt residence, where they discovered 51-year-old local area resident Robert Foster sitting in his pickup truck parked outside his home. According to Santa Barbara County ...Full Article

23 Pounds of Meth Tells the Tale

Santa Barbara – When 35-year-old Santa Barbara resident George Elder Jolly was busted on June 16th, area law enforcement found themselves dealing with a plethora of evidence leading to the ...Full Article

Wild RV Driver Brought to Halt

Santa Barbara – How do you drive a large recreational vehicle camper through city streets, manage to collide with eight vehicles including a school bus loaded with kids, evade police ...Full Article

DNA Match Solves 1997 Murder

Santa Barbara – Donald Trump just might have a point, as evidenced by the recent arrest on murder charges of Manuel Salmeron Manzanares, a 36-year old undocumented Mexican national currently ...Full Article

Third Serial Burglar Busted

Santa Barbara County – One of the greatest mistakes criminals continue to make is simply repeating their crime until they’re finally apprehended by law enforcement. As if getting away with ...Full Article

Multiple Felony Charges for DUI Fatality

Santa Barbara County – The hazards of driving under the influence are well known, and the dangers such drivers pose to innocent, sober travelers on area highways can be profound. ...Full Article

Disgruntled Employee Charged with Burglary & Vandalism

Santa Barbara County – Intelligent management and supervision of employees is one of the fundamental tenets of running any successful business enterprise. When employee morale ebbs, productivity and profits follow ...Full Article

Not-So-Jolly Meth-fueled Car Chase

Santa Barbara – George Elder Jolly, a 35-year-old resident of Hollywood, led Santa Barbara County law enforcement on a wild freeway chase that inevitably ended with his arrest on Tuesday, ...Full Article

Family Dispute Ends in Arrest

Santa Barbara County – Lyle Mack Alezandre, a 21-year-old resident of Santa Maria, apparently has what might kindly be referred to as problems managing his anger. Either that, or the ...Full Article

Shot by Cops and Charged with Brandishing

Carpinteria – Proving once again that what our parents told us about poor choices having bad consequences, 23-year old Oscar Varela Moreno, a Santa Barbara resident, now knows what to ...Full Article
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