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Santa Barbara

Inmate Recaptured After Courthouse Escape

Long a source of security concern and public controversy, Santa Barbara’s transport of individuals in custody—while fully garbed in distinctive orange jumpsuits and frequently shackled at the ankles and with wrists cuffed to a thick waist-chain—is almost the “walk of shame” as they’re escorted throughout the day across a very public street in full public view, providing an additional ...Full Article

Flipped Car Earns Driver DUI Bust

Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara’s State Street is a well-known commercial, dining, and sightseeing magnet for the city’s thousands of weekend visitors, and is an upscale route where tourists can ...Full Article

High School Rumble Gets Six Arrested

Santa Barbara County – In what must have been a scene reminiscent of the classic 1955 Glenn Ford-Sidney Poitier movie “Blackboard Jungle”, north Santa Barbara County’s Righetti High School exploded ...Full Article

Classic Gumshoe Work Rounds Up Robbers

Santa Barbara – Fans of television detective shows dating from the early days of Dragnet, Mannix, and Harry O, all the way up to today’s devotees of Law and Order ...Full Article

$1.2 Million Bail for Mexican Mafia Bosses

Santa Barbara – Pull back the curtain on this city’s thin veil of tranquility, prosperity, and the lifestyles of the notably “rich & famous” enjoying the climate and lush tree-lined ...Full Article

“Grand Theft Auto” Coming to a Freeway Near You!

Santa Barbara County – Jason Andrew Crisp, 29, and his wide-eyed girlfriend Ricki Lee Warren, 20, may be too young to have been fans of film director Ron Howard’s first ...Full Article

Baby on Board as Stolen Van Flips in High-speed Chase

Santa Barbara County – 20-year old Maria Chavez, a young mother and resident of the city of Guadalupe in northern Santa Barbara County is in love. She’s so deeply in ...Full Article

“Mr. & Mrs. Meth” Busted

Santa Barbara – In spite of the daunting odds of having a successful and lasting marital union in America today—where the divorce rate (3.6 per 1,000 population) is more than ...Full Article

Domestic Violence Ends in Homicide

Santa Barbara – During the course of romantic relationships, the initial period of loving bliss frequently loses it’s “hearts and flowers” patina and becomes something less than passionate. When, however, ...Full Article

A Second Cop Arrested for Domestic Violence

Santa Barbara County – Vandenberg Village, the quiet unincorporated bedroom community of 6500 souls serving the residential needs of Vandenberg Air Force Base—one of the nation’s most active space-shot launch ...Full Article
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