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Santa Barbara

Heroin Addict Takes Cops on Freeway Tour

Santa Barbara – Montecito’s Coast Village Road, the county’s answer to Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive, is lined with exclusive boutiques, “members only” banks, and tony dining spots…all of which makes it an unlikely spot for the final act of a long and protracted game of “catch me if you can” involving multiple law enforcement agencies, a gaggle of cop cars, ...Full Article

Assault with Fire Extinguisher Results in Arrest

Santa Barbara County – Paraphrasing the immortal movie character portrayed by Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump, “crazy is as crazy does” may be the apt analysis of events that transpired ...Full Article

Pavers Arrested for Worker’s Comp Fraud

Santa Barbara – Two owners and an employee of many years’ standing of Santa Barbara County’s United Seal Coating were arrested on January 14th pursuant to multiple allegations of worker’s ...Full Article

K-9 Bites Gang-banger on Head During Arrest

Carpinteria – Carpinteria, known among locals as “the last great beach town”, is unique in that one can stand at the principal downtown intersection (one of only two stop lights ...Full Article

Stabbing Suspect Tracked Down, Arrested

Santa Barbara County – Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Detectives have a tenacious streak, as evidenced by the January 14th arrest of three individuals associated with the primary suspect in a stabbing ...Full Article

$1,000,000 Bail for Alleged Robbery Attack

Santa Barbara – The Chumash Casino, located in the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley, attracts a wide variety of visitors…even those who are suspected of being violent felons. It ...Full Article

Police Seek More Victims of Alleged Sexual Assailant

Santa Barbara – Perhaps it’s the unseasonably warm weather or simply the usual holiday influx of attractive female visitors to the area, but detectives of the Santa Barbara Police Department ...Full Article

Sexual Assault Upon Tourist

Santa Barbara – The Santa Barbara Visitor’s Board, tasked with attracting tourism to The Mission City, will, in all likelihood, not soon be nominating Felipe Martinez Gallegos to their Director ...Full Article

Son Arrrested for Mother’s Murder

Santa Barbara County – Emma Posadas-Espinoza, a 58-year old Lompoc resident, has been the subject of a mystery since her dead body was found hidden in foliage on a La ...Full Article

Youth Football League President Tackled for Embezzlement

Santa Barbara County – One would presume that any individual working in close association with young people in a community-supported athletic program would be subject to a certain amount of ...Full Article
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