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Police Legwork Tracks Down 18-year old Rapist

Santa Barbara - Proving once again that the arms of law enforcement are long indeed, Santa Barbara Police, working on a report of alleged forcible rape that allegedly took place on the night of August 31st in a Santa Barbara apartment complex unit, tied that case to a prior open case connected to a rape report made earlier. According to ...Full Article

Manhunt on for Serial Child Molester

Santa Barbara - The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, in concert with the Santa Maria Police Department, are actively seeking Clive Badi Decormarmond, a 41-year old native of the remote ...Full Article

UCSB Student Armed, Suicidal, Arrested

Santa Barbara - While laws against voluntary suicide are rarely enforced—particularly in cases where the perpetrator is no longer alive for booking, indictment, and trial—on the afternoon of August 27th, ...Full Article

Accused Utah Sex Offender Caught in California

Santa Barbara County - Life as a sex offending felon truly sucks…so to speak. There is, apparently considerable verity to the notion that should you be accused of a sex ...Full Article

Father Admits Killing Parents, Children, and Family Dog

Santa Barbara County, Ca. – At 11:03 p.m. on August 11th, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s 911 Emergency Dispatch received a call from Nicholas Etienne Holzer, a 45 year-old resident of ...Full Article

Assaults Girlfriend, Holds Cops at Bay with Pellet Gun

Santa Barbara County - The bedroom community of Vandenberg Village, situated in central Santa Barbara County, is arguably a 9.5 on the 1-to-10 scale of residential tranquility, as it’s the ...Full Article

Father Kidnaps Daughter in Domestic Dispute

Santa Barbara - On the evening of August 3rd, The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children issued an Amber Alert from Santa Barbara to the Mexican border pursuant to ...Full Article

Wanted Man Steps Off Bus in Front of Cops

Santa Barbara - Jose Alejandro Perez, a 40 year-old Santa Barbara resident and known gang affiliate with a personal appearance right out of Central Casting, may be good at eluding ...Full Article

Out on Triple Bail, Still Dealing Drugs

Santa Barbara - It’s trite, it’s hoary, and it’s so obvious that it grates on the senses to even utter the words some people never learn, but never was it ...Full Article

Cousins Accused of Raping Homeless Woman

Santa Barbara - Just when you think you may have heard it all in terms of criminal sexual depravity, along comes a pair of Santa Barbara men—cousins—who, after a night ...Full Article
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