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Pot Worth $600,000 Seized At Esparto Residence

The Stephens Street residence looked just like all the other brand-new homes in the small subdivision recently added to the old farm town of Esparto in rural Yolo County, west of Woodland. It did from the outside, that is. On the morning of Saturday, October 16, Yolo County narcotics agents searching the five-bedroom Esparto house discovered it had been ...Full Article

Hit-and-Run Driver Identified and Arrested Thanks to Facebook

Social media has become an important crime-fighting tool for police departments across the country, both for getting information about criminal activity out to the public and for helping citizens ...Full Article

San Mateo Police Nab Suspect in Robbery, Kidnapping at Verizon Store

SAN MATEO–“Can you hear me now?” That’s a question 23-year-old Tajri Turner of San Francisco will be asking over a jail phone after being charged Wednesday with armed robbery ...Full Article

San Mateo Police Track Down, Apprehend Suspect in Attempted Murder

SAN MATEO–This past Sunday was not a day of rest for at least one San Mateo community. In the early morning hours of August 24, residents in a unit ...Full Article

Investigators Arrest A Major Drug Supplier

Suspect was arrested in Southern San Mateo County SAN MATEO—Authorities of Santa Cruz County have arrested a man who they think is a major supplier to the Santa Cruz ...Full Article

Homeless man who attacked Palto Alto Police wanted in San Jose murder

A homeless man who attacked Palo Alto Police during a confrontation was wanted in a homicide that had occurred the previous evening. 34-year-old Ryan Goodson of Fresno was arrested ...Full Article

Man faces ten year prison term for threatening embattled Senator Yee

A man who plead no-contest on October 28, 2013 to making criminal threats against a California State Senator by email, now faces a ten year prison sentence.  However, the ...Full Article

Persistence pays off in finding wanted woman

SONOMA – The Daly City police had issued a warrant for the arrest of Christina Marie Pruitt one year ago, in March 2013. The 57-year-old was wanted for felony ...Full Article

Heartbroken man arrested for barrage of phone calls to ex-gf.

A San Francisco man was arrested last week for reportedly making over 70 angry phone calls to his ex-girlfriend and her husband. Andrew Rustad, 37, had been dating the ...Full Article

Sex offender targets tanning salons

REDDING – A rash of indecent exposure incidents at local tanning salons resulted in the arrest of 30-year-old Michael Anthony Silva of San Mateo. Silva is a registered sex ...Full Article
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