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Cooley is at it again in Fort Bragg

It was late Tuesday night, about 11:30 pm when a Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputy was on patrol through the Fort Bragg area. The deputy was driving along the Shoreline Highway south of the main town of Fort Bragg, out near the famous Botanical Gardens and the Sea Glass Museum. Just up Boice Lane, behind the Re-Find Home Furnishings store, ...Full Article

Dispute over Covelo pot garden leads to shooting

A divorce can be a messy business, but once it has gone through the courts or arbitration, each party knows what they own and have a right to keep. ...Full Article

Mendocino wild marijuana grow busted on Cow Mountain

Jose Lorenzo Ramirez-Hinojosa had a plan to grow marijuana in the familiar mountains around Ukiah, where he has been living as a transient. He teamed up with two other ...Full Article

July 4 blaze caused by high thief

As America celebrates Independence Day, law enforcement and firefighters can be on high stress level when people’s desire to party includes the lighting of a lot of fireworks, both ...Full Article

Fort Bragg man locked up again

Joshua Wade Bennett has what may be called a “special relationship” with the law. He was arrested earlier this year by Mendocino County Sheriff’s deputies after he was seen tailgating ...Full Article

Ukiah Couple charged with endangering baby in DUI

Orlando Munoz and Mychell Isabel Vega-Ayala were out late Monday night, with their 1-year-old daughter. Apparently headed home to Ukiah from somewhere to the north of town, they secured ...Full Article

Who let the dogs out? Joey did…

It was nearly 11 pm last Thursday, June 25, when someone noticed that the dogs from the Mendocino County Animal Shelter, in south Ukiah, were loose. Sheriff’s deputies were ...Full Article

Ukiah shooting nearly kills 12-year-old

Jaime Rodriguez Jr. of Ukiah just turned 19 last month, and he has already been in a lot of trouble. He had been arrested once each month from the ...Full Article

Good fences made a bad neighbor

Robert Frost used the line “Good fences make good neighbors” in his poem “Mending Wall”, but what if a neighbor steals your fence? The town of Caspar is a ...Full Article

Redding couple caught, this time in Mendocino County

Donald Gordon Powell and Lawanda Jean Parks seem to have gotten together in Redding, though they both currently reside south of the city. Powell, 34, lives in Cottonwood, south ...Full Article
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