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Young man from Ukiah caught in late night Mendocino burglary

MENDOCINO – It was late Sunday night when Ukiah resident Bret Counterman was lurking in a Mendocino neighborhood on Pine Street, not far from the Headlands State Park and Mendocino High School. He had parked his car, doing his best to conceal it from view, as it had false registration tabs, and he was up to no good anyway. ...Full Article

Travelin’ man arrested for domestic violence

Daniel Springsguth has been around. He is apparently originally from the San Diego area, where in August of 2012 and January of 2013 he was arrested on charges being ...Full Article

Mendocino Sheriff announces two recent domestic violence arrests

The Mendocino Sheriff’s Office has announced in two recent press releases the arrest of a man and a woman in separate incidences of domestic violence in the town of ...Full Article

Jail inmate breaks his promise

He promised he would come back, but he didn’t, and now he’s in more trouble. Brett Edward Harlan, a 56-year-old Ukiah man, was in jail after his arrest September ...Full Article

Brothers’ dispute in Marijuana farm ends in death

PIERCY, MENDOCINO COUNTY – The Town of Piercy is a small community nestled along the Eel River just off of Highway 101 as it winds through inland Mendocino County. ...Full Article

Joyriding in a minivan gets man arrested

FORT BRAGG – High speed chases usually look at least something like a Hollywood movie, with the suspect in a sports car tearing through the streets at a dangerous ...Full Article

East Coast connection to Mendocino pot grower

The Mendocino Sheriff’s office announced the arrest of two men in a marijuana cultivation case at a rural property in inland Gualala. The small coastal town is mostly off ...Full Article

Transient in trouble again

Paul Stephen Golyer, who just turned 25 in May, has already built up quite a record for himself, and has been the subject of some notoriety in the past. ...Full Article

Young man who shouldn’t be driving runs for it

FORT BRAGG, MENDOCINO COUNTY – Sometimes a simple traffic stop goads a driver into making things much worse. When Richard Olstad was driving his silver Dodge Pickup truck through ...Full Article

Mendocino sees rash of domestic violence calls

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department has been called to a series of domestic violence disputes since last week, arresting one man and two women in separate incidents. On Wednesday, ...Full Article
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