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Fort Bragg traffic stop leads to two arrests

Most people do whatever they can to avoid being pulled over, mostly for convenience sake, and you certainly don’t want a traffic ticket to pay and risk causing your auto insurance to rise. But if you’re carting around something illegal, the motivation should be even higher, but the cops catch a surprising number of people just because they have ...Full Article

Don’t roll your eyes at her…

Mendocino County woman arrested for assault POINT ARENA – A 20-year-old man, a resident of the Manchester-Point Arena Rancheria of the Pomo Tribe in Mendocino County, was at his ...Full Article

Covelo burglar causes more damage than he steals

You might think that if someone plans a burglary that requires breaking a window to get into a store, the thief would know what the most valuable merchandise would ...Full Article

Fort Bragg camper arrested for Domestic Violence

The Mendocino Sheriff’s Department reported that they were called out to a domestic dispute Sunday evening to a Fort Bragg campground. The Wildwood Campground is located along Fort Bragg-Willits ...Full Article

Redwood Valley marijuana haulers busted

Highway 101 through Redwood Valley was a busy place for out-of-towners hauling marijuana last Saturday. Redwood Valley is a small, rural town along California’s 101 Freeway in inland Mendocino ...Full Article

Covelo ex-cons arrested again

The small town of Covelo is located in the inland valley of Mendocino County, between the Coastal Ranges and Mendocino National Forest. With a population of around 1400 people, it ...Full Article

Self-proclaimed Tweaker arrested for burglary

MENDOCINO COUNTY – The Sheriff’s department was summoned to a home in rural south Covelo to investigate a burglary just over a month ago. Deputies responded to the home along ...Full Article

Oregon man’s unwanted beer run leads to a lot of trouble

MENDOCINO COUNTY – What was Andrew Wyatt Beyer doing in Laytonville? The 35-year-old man is from Applegate Oregon, a small town in the southern part of the state nestled ...Full Article

Man with violent history arrested for domestic violence

LAYTONVILLE – Earlier this month, on Monday, August 10, the Mendocino Sheriff’s office received a report of domestic violence. a 5-year-old girl had told a relative that her mother ...Full Article

Mendocino pair caught in the bushes

It was a Saturday morning, at 10:24 am on August 8, when a pair of Mendocino County Sheriff’s deputies were patrolling the area around the Sherwood Valley Casino in ...Full Article
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