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Mendocino Deputies have their hands full

Most arrests involve an officer locating their suspects and taking them into custody without further incident, but every day those who serve in law enforcement know that some of the suspects are going to put up a fight, and that their lives are in constant danger if they aren’t vigilant against trouble. Two recent incidents reported from the Mendocino County ...Full Article

Mendocino County drug arrests

The Mendocino Sheriff’s Department has announced a few recent drug arrests of three people all caught in their vehicles. On Monday, October 13, a patrol deputy was on duty ...Full Article

Domestic Violence arrests in North Coast Mendocino County

October has been designated Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the United States, and the Mendocino Sheriff’s Department has announced three recent arrests that perfectly demonstrate that violence in the ...Full Article

Mendocino men busted on weapons charges

Penal Code 21310 is a California law prohibiting the carrying of “a concealed dirk or dagger”. The language may seem outmoded – who is even aware of what a ...Full Article

Finders keepers?

A young man from Fort Bragg must have been following the “Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers” law that he learned on the playground. Christofer Ryan McNeill, 18 of Fort Bragg, ...Full Article

Two arrested in birthday party fight

POINT ARENA – MENDOCINO COUNTY – The Garcia River winds through the foothills of southern Mendocino County, and empties into the sea at the famous Point Arena Lighthouse. Along ...Full Article

Feared Home Invader turns out to be just a Stoner

REDWOOD VALLEY, MENDOCINO – The small town of Redwood Valley is located along Highway 101 in the inland Valley of Mendocino County, just north of Lake Mendocino and the ...Full Article

Unorthodox domestic violence case in the north coast

LITTLE RIVER, MENDOCINO COUNTY – October has been designated, not only Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but Domestic Violence Awareness Month as well. A recent case in coastal Mendocino County ...Full Article

Mendocino burglar’s accomplice nabbed

FORT BRAGG – If you follow these pages, you may remember a story last week about Bret Counterman, a young man from Ukiah who was caught very early Monday ...Full Article

Domestic Violence arrest in Fort Bragg

FORT BRAGG – MENDOCINO COUNTY – October has been named Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and was designated so by the US Congress in 1989. And in an unfortunate coincidence, the ...Full Article
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