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Late Saturday night ends in DUI for Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes had quite a career going, first as a child actress, and then rising to further fame as a young woman. From 1997 to 2010, when she turned 24, she starred in four TV shows, including The Amanda Show on the Nickelodeon Network. She also had parts in ten films, including Hairspray, as Tracy’s friend Penny, and opposite ...Full Article

Can You Steal Me Now?

SANTA CLARITA – Although one of the two incidents reported by the Santa Clarita Valley Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department occurred over a month ago, they ...Full Article

Four Men Charged With Loaded Firearms Possession

HAWTHORNE —What does it mean when four young men with firearms are in a single car at 4 a.m.? Taufa Nua, 37; Calvin Leonard Tonga, 23; Kii Tongaofa, 21; ...Full Article

Bicycle Thief Gets Popped for Burglary Tools

HAWTHORNE —A good thief never gets caught for stupid mistakes, and surely a stupid mistake is riding a bicycle with no lights in the small hours. David James Shaina, ...Full Article

Young Man’s Permanent Juvenile Record Gets New Charges

INGLEWOOD —It’s said that once something is on one’s permanent record, it will follow a person forever. Bulmaro Mendoza, 21, may be able to attest to that belief. The ...Full Article

The Quarter-Million Dollar Drinking Spree

INGLEWOOD —What is the most a person might spend in a single night of drinking? David Tavarez, 21, may have tried to answer that seemingly odd question when he ...Full Article

Receptionist Gets Arrested for Multiple Drug Charges

INGLEWOOD —Religion may be “the opiate of the masses,” but opium is apparently blissful for motorists. Adriana Gazcon-Cervantes, 32, was apprehended by Inglewood Police Department (IPD) officers for a ...Full Article

She and Her Guns Should Have Stayed in Las Vegas

INGLEWOOD, CA—It’s a well-known advertising line that “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but not everyone seems to follow this line of reasoning. Lewcia Allania Willis, 23, was ...Full Article

Gardena Resident Gasses Hawthorne Officers

HAWTHORNE, CA—The fog of war appears to extend to municipal definitions of so-called assaults. Francisco Carrillo, 38, was apprehended by Hawthorne Police Department officers on Tuesday, September 9 at ...Full Article

Palmdale Woman Charged with Driving Violations in Inglewood

INGLEWOOD, CA—She came a long way to be hit with a plethora of charges that could be a down-payment for a mansion in her apparent hometown. Lisa Niter, 46, ...Full Article
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