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Alleged Burglar Popped While Riding a Bike on The Sidewalk

HAWTHORNE, CA—If one is planning to burglarize and/or get high, the best advice to avoid detection may be to know whether it is legal to ride a bike on a sidewalk, especially while in possession of burglary tools and drug paraphernalia. Jose Acevedo Navas, 18, was arrested by Hawthorne police officers on Friday, April 17 at approximately 7:46 a.m. ...Full Article

Security Employee Arrested for Battery on Police Officer, Bicycle on Sidewalk

HAWTHORNE, CA—Some people like to stay in “the middle of the road”, while others seem to like to ride on “the fringe.” Deshawn F. Blackman, 30, was arrested by ...Full Article

Friends With Warrants Shouldn’t Let Friends Drive Drunk

INGLEWOOD, CA—If one has outstanding bench warrants, and one’s friend is driving while under the influence, even the prestige of that friend being an architect may not prevent him ...Full Article

Customer Service Employee Gets Charged With Forgery, Fencing and Warrants

INGLEWOOD, CA—When George Carlin talked about businessmen, he said “the first thing he does is to automatically assume that the other guy is a complete who’s trying to ...Full Article

Student Gets Lesson in Petty Charges Arrest

INGLEWOOD, CA—On slow news days, petty stories like students getting stopped and arrested for failure to use turn signals are the lead stories, and on slow quota days, what ...Full Article

Insurance fraudsters outed in Los Angeles, San Diego

LOS ANGELES — Constance Gail Fortune (61) has been arraigned in Los Angeles Superior Court, charged with three felony counts of grand theft and one of financial elder abuse. ...Full Article

Inglewood Man Gets Apprehended for Begging near Hollywood Casino

INGLEWOOD, CA—What’s there to do when one is unemployed, heading to retirement age and reading about how unemployment figures are allegedly diminishing? Lonnie Lawrence Keelen, 61, was apprehended on ...Full Article

Inglewood Landscaper Arrested for DUI, Drugs, Reckless Driving

INGLEWOOD, CA—In California, the drought might be creating a whole new set of unintended problems that could be a precursor to the water wars that survivalists have long touted ...Full Article

Security Guard Gets Popped for DUI, Speeding, Warrants

INGLEWOOD, CA—One wonders how someone paid to look after a building, other property, or even people manages to get and maintain his position with warrants from nearby police departments, ...Full Article

Murder in Front of Cop Was No April Fool’s Joke

HAWTHORNE, CA—It was a remarkable shooting homicide that claimed the life of a mother, severely injured her son and ended in the shooting death of the aggressor by a ...Full Article
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