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Inglewood Woman Arrested for a Smorgasbord of Charges

HAWTHORNE — An absence of license plates on a vehicle is a sure way to get stopped by police, especially when one has neither front nor rear plates; having a fake I.D. and warrants while driving such a car is even more foolish. Dalia Duarte,36, was stopped by Hawthorne police officers on Saturday, February 21 at the intersection of ...Full Article

Two Men Arrested for Armed Carjacking, Burglary, Alcohol

HAWTHORNE, CA—It may have been an impulse crime prompted by alcohol consumption, or maybe they thought they knew what they were doing and had to get some liquid courage ...Full Article

Cathedral City Man Popped for GTA, Embezzlement, Fake I.D.

HAWTHORNE, CA—Whether he stole the car to get back home near Palm Springs, or to get to the South Bay is unknown, but he probably won’t be going home ...Full Article

Long Beach Man Arrested for Bike, Drug Violations

HAWTHORNE, CA—Some drug dealers drive flashy sports and luxury cars, whereas others try to appear a lot less classy or are simply not business-savvy enough to afford bicycle reflectors ...Full Article

Inglewood Woman Gets Four DUI Violations on Valentine’s Day

INGLEWOOD, CA—If the Guinness Book of World Records empire tracked Driving Under the Influence (DUI) records, this might have been one for the books. Taisha Laangel Busby, 37, was ...Full Article

Inglewood-area Felon Arrested for Multiple Gun and Drug Charges

HAWTHORNE, CA—Some folks simply can’t restrain themselves when in possession of loaded firearms and illicit substances. Gerardo Preciado, 41, was arrested by Hawthorne police on Friday, February 13 at ...Full Article

Police Kill Car Theft Suspect After High Speed Chase

SAN BERNARDINO – Police shot and killed a man driving a stolen car, who was chased around the northern portion San Bernardino, and finally colliding with a law enforcement ...Full Article

Two Men Arrested at Eucalyptus Park for Multiple Warrants

HAWTHORNE, CA—Where do you go when you can’t take the bus? Eugene William Marion and Deonta Julius Jackson were arrested simultaneously on Tuesday, February 10 at approximately 1:19 p.m. ...Full Article

South Bay Trio Gets Popped For Grand Theft

HAWTHORNE, CA—Every now and then there is a gang that can’t shoot straight, and this year there is one that is comprised of three people including a presumed company’s ...Full Article

Nail Tech Arrested for Metal Knuckles, Narcotics Possession Warrants

HAWTHORNE, CA—One wonders what street name is taken up by a man who carries metal knuckles, is accused of ferrying narcotics and claims to be a “nail tech.” Hai ...Full Article
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