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Hairstylist Nailed for Multiple Drug Charges

INGLEWOOD – Dawn M. Ingram, 38, was arrested by Inglewood police officers on Thursday January 22 at approximately 11:35 a.m. along the 900 block of North Victor Avenue in Inglewood. She was charged with a mixed bag of felonies and misdemeanors, nearly all of which involved drug violations. The felonies were illegal possession of ammunition (30305(A)1 PC), taking a controlled ...Full Article

Gun-Toting Felon Arrested Near Proposed Rams Stadium

INGLEWOOD, CA—The area around the Forum (re-opened in January, 2014) and the recently proposed Rams stadium has long been rife with shooting homicides, high-speed car crashes and some of ...Full Article

Prostitution Costs Pair $20 Grand Bail

INGLEWOOD, CA—It’s a wicked world, to be sure, but is the oldest profession really so wicked as to cost $10,000 each for two people wanting to do it? Marissa ...Full Article

Los Angeles Student Arrested for GTA, Trailor Theft, Etc.

HAWTHORNE, CA—Back in the day, kids used to say, “School is for fools.” Most students would be able to prove this so-called aphorism incorrect, but there are those who ...Full Article

Hawthorne Transient Adds Pot Possession, Bike Violations to Hit and Run Prior

HAWTHORNE, CA—Most people aspire to climb the ladder as they go through life, but there are those who prefer to break the rungs as they slide down it. Kem ...Full Article

Inglewood Caregiver Picked up for Hit-and-Run, DUI

INGLEWOOD, CA—Perhaps the occupation of being good to people in need may be why some people get filled up with the pain and misery to the point they just ...Full Article

Inglewood Man Arrested for Firearms, Grand Theft and More

INGLEWOOD, CA—Some people do a bit of petty theft, and some folks murder in the heat of passion. Then there are those who go the whole hog and apparently ...Full Article

Pizza Delivery Woman Gets Nabbed for Assault With Firearm

HAWTHORNE, CA—Times are tough and pizza is cheap, and it may be that failing to tip a pizza delivery person can prompt an escalation far worse than one imagines. ...Full Article

Courier Popped for Carrying Multiple Driving-Related Warrants

HAWTHORNE, CA—It seems to be par for the course that often those who are employed for a purpose are found to be abusing their position and doing exactly what ...Full Article

Police But Brakes on Brakeless Bicyclist

HAWTHORNE —In California, bicyclists have been pushing for more room on the road, exclusive lanes and harsher sentencing against motorists who violate bicyclists’ safety, but some bicyclists are refusing ...Full Article
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