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Inglewood Burglar Bears Same Name as City’s Attorney

INGLEWOOD, CA—Irony comes in a seemingly endless array of instances, and the multiple arrests of a man whose name is the same as the attorney for the city in which he was arrested twice in 2014 is worth noting. Kenneth Campos, 36, was arrested by Inglewood police on Wednesday, November 19 at approximately 5 a.m. along the 1000 block ...Full Article

Woman is Awash in Prostitution Priors

HAWTHORNE, CA—Her name implies cleanliness, but her rap sheet of prostitution charges indicates otherwise. Breonna Sudds, 22, was arrested by Hawthorne police officers on Thursday, November 13 at approximately ...Full Article

Unemployed Robber Has New Home

HAWTHORNE, CA—What’s in a name of a person who is accused of vandalism, robbery, shoplifting and more? Quentin Lavon Antione, 25, may be able to answer that question should ...Full Article

Inglewood Man Murders Younger Girlfriend

INGLEWOOD, CA—As the charter city that is home to the re-opened Fabulous Forum races to the end of the year, the murder count continues to go and another young ...Full Article

Two More Go Down Under Prop 47’s Kid Gloves

INGLEWOOD, CA—When the proponents of the recently voter-approved Proposition 47 petitioned the voters of California, the aspects of prior robberies, theft of firearms and shoplifting items up to $950 ...Full Article

L.A. Woman Gets Taste of Prop 47’s New Charges

INGLEWOOD, CA—She had so many charges that it was no surprise that she even netted a brand new one. Shamica Purry, 37, was arrested by Inglewood police on Saturday, ...Full Article

Meat Market Man Gets Brakes Put on Petty Theft

INGLEWOOD, CA—Is it still petty theft if getting popped means a $90,000 bail? Darien Percy Simmoms, 19, should have gone to a good college; it would be easier to ...Full Article

Los Angeles Laborer Gets Drug Charges

INGLEWOOD, CA—If one is going to drive around with drugs and drug paraphernalia, having no license plates and not stopping at red lights is not the way to go. ...Full Article

Los Angeles Electrician Gets Multiple Vehicle Theft Charges

HAWTHORNE, CA—Was his occupation as an electrician a cover for casing for burglary and/or theft? Sam Ezy Higginbotham, 37, was apprehended by Hawthorne police officers for a number of ...Full Article

Gardena, CA Admissions Rep Gets DUI Warrant Served

HAWTHORNE, CA—If she’s handling the gateway for the our future—i.e., the children as they enter college—then perhaps her DUI is a sign that it’s bleak. Ja’sada Marteine Lauderdale, 35, ...Full Article
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