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Space X Employee Arrested for Disorderly Conduct, Reckless Driving Warrant

HAWTHORNE, CA—SpaceX is a space technology company that is presently challenging the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’s monopoly of space travel; Tesla Motors is an electric car company that is presently challenging the Big 3 automakers (Ford, General Motors and Chrysler); and Patrick Ray Morales, 37, is presently challenging southern California police agencies. What is the relationship? All ...Full Article

Was Woman Arrested for DUI at Fabulous Forum?

INGLEWOOD, CA—The relatively recently opened Forum in Inglewood has seen the iconic venue’s new owners, Madison Square Garden, granted quite a bit from the City of Inglewood: an $18 ...Full Article

Kevin Renall Carr III Goes to Jail

INGLEWOOD, CA—With a name and a current fate that at its simplest sounds like a movie prequel to “Weekend at Bernie’s,” Kevin Renall Carr III, 23, was arrested by Inglewood ...Full Article

Did Lawndale Man Recreate Drunken Pearl Harbor Day Reenactment?

HAWTHORNE, CA—It’s a dirty world and someone is certainly doing it, and when that someone is also drunk, nearly mowing down pedestrians and executing hit-and-runs in the middle of ...Full Article

Woman Gets $100,000 for Petty Theft Warrant

HAWTHORNE, CA—Some criminals are magicians, or so one may think when a petty theft with prior violations can earn one a $100,000 bail. Casey Leiahi Francisco, 22, was arrested ...Full Article

Los Angeles Man Racks up Nearly Half-Million-Dollar Bail

HAWTHORNE, CA—Most criminals get popped on one or perhaps two relatively meager charges, and then there are those who go for beyond broke. Derrick Lavon Elder, 25, was arrested ...Full Article

Six Things to Not Do After Running A Red Light

HAWTHORNE, CA—Some people run a red light and if they get caught, bite the bullet and just take the ticket; others see it as an opening to add a ...Full Article

Salesman Turns $25 Bicycle Ticket Into $10,000 Resisting Arrest Charge

HAWTHORNE, CA—Some sales personnel have a bad day from failing to meet a quota, but there are those who reverse the process altogether and turn a fix-it ticket into ...Full Article

Torrance Man Moves up to Grand Theft Auto

HAWTHORNE, CA—There’s the newly released video game, Grand Theft Auto V, and then there are those who get charged with grand theft auto and four other arrestable charges. David ...Full Article

Lawndale Man Adds Drug Paraphernalia Arrest to Drug Possession Warrants

HAWTHORNE, CA—One reason it may be called dope is because those strung out on it tend to waste their creativity on ways to be arrested. Eddie Aubrey McAllister, 48, ...Full Article
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