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Sheriff’s detectives hit the motherlode of meth

MIDDLETOWN, LAKE COUNTY. Sheriff’s detectives recently discovered a car that had been extensively altered, apparently to facilitate the concealment and transportation of narcotics. A compartment had been created under the center console, which had a electronically controlled door. It was secured by a spring loaded trunk latch. The compartment was large enough that the Toyota sedan’s exhaust system had ...Full Article

Two young men had quite a business going

UPPER LAKE, LAKE COUNTY – Two men living along the northern shore of Clear Lake seem to have had quite a thriving business going on until the long arm ...Full Article

Party house busted, Mom arrested

HIDDEN VALLEY LAKE, LAKE COUNTY – A group of teenage kids celebrating spring break had a party at one of the boy’s houses on Monday night, and by 2 ...Full Article

Central Valley fight promoters arrested in Northern California

UPPER LAKE, LAKE COUNTY – 5 men and a 17-year-old from the California Central Valley area were arrested traveling through Upper Lake in preparation for a big fighting match. ...Full Article

Nervous woman proves to have a reason

Many people get nervous when they get pulled over by police, fumbling with their belongings while hoping they might escape a ticket, or perhaps even trying to hide something. ...Full Article

Lake County trio busted for meth, pills, and more surprises

CLEARLAKE — On the 27th of March at around 2 p.m., narcotics officers and patrol deputies had set their sights on a residence in the 15000 block of Cass ...Full Article

Budding novelist arrested for warrant and meth

Perhaps picturing himself as a character in a novel he is writing, a Lower Lake man made all the right moves to attract attention to himself and get pursued ...Full Article

Traffic stop leads to drugs, and more drugs

LOWER LAKE, LAKE COUNTY – A woman from Middletown was driving through Lower Lake last Thursday with a friend from Calistoga when she was pulled over by a Lake ...Full Article

Lake County wallet thief empties woman’s bank account

Around 10:54 p.m. on March 26, a patrol deputy travelling southbound on Old Highway 53 in Clearlake noticed someone make an illegal U-turn at the intersection of Old 53 ...Full Article

Wedding Ring thief caught

It’s funny how something worth up to $10,000.00 and filled with a lifetime of memories and sentimental value can be traded for just $30 cash. Especially by someone trusted ...Full Article