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Senior from Chico arrested with friend in Lake County

A 74-year-old man in Clearlake Oaks and was arrested last week with a friend, and a smorgasbord or drugs in his Ford Explorer. Perhaps he didn’t realize the risk he was taking as he drove through town late at night with a broken tail light. But a patrol deputy took notice and made an enforcement stop at 11:55 pm. ...Full Article

Narcotics detectives happen upon a meth user and seller

LAKEPORT, LAKE COUNTY – Narcotics detectives were not planning on arresting Kory Hudson yesterday, but he just happened to be in the right place to draw their attention. On ...Full Article

Mother and son busted in major “farming” operation

Grandma was involved too, but she’s not arrested LAKE COUNTY – The Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force had information leading them to an Upper Lake resident and his mother, who ...Full Article

Man practically asks to get pulled over

LAKEPORT, LAKE COUNTY – When driving around with packaged methamphetamine in a car, a person might assume to follow a simple set of rules to avoid trouble. One, don’t drive ...Full Article

Middletown woman accused of child molestation

Middletown is a small community of fewer than 1500 people and located in the rural area of south western Lake County, between Lower Lake and Calistoga. In a community ...Full Article

Stalking suspect had pot farm going as well

KELSEYVILLE – A Lake County Sheriff’s Narcotics detective spotted a suspicious man last Thursday, June 12, and ended up detaining a potentially violent stalker as well as an illegal ...Full Article

Medical Marijuana? Scale it back a bit…

KELSEYVILLE, LAKE COUNTY – Under California’s medical marijuana laws, a certain amount of cannabis can now be raised to provide the relief giving dosages to those who need it ...Full Article

Gangsters rob returning traveler, soon get arrested

SANTA ROSA – A man returning home late last night to his home in west Santa Rosa, near Lincoln Elementary School on West 9th Street, was accosted by two ...Full Article

Co-op couple overdoes it with their supply

LAKE COUNTY – A Lake County man and woman ran afoul of the the rules around medical marijuana and are facing prosecution as drug dealers. The California medical marijuana ...Full Article

Man arrested for shooting at kids in his yard

UPPER LAKE, LAKE COUNTY – Chasing kids off your property is a tradition as old as the front yard, but a man from Upper Lake was arrested for shooting ...Full Article
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