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Party house busted, Mom arrested

HIDDEN VALLEY LAKE, LAKE COUNTY – A group of teenage kids celebrating spring break had a party at one of the boy’s houses on Monday night, and by 2 am, the noise had gotten loud enough to spur a neighbor to call the Sheriff’s office to complain. The party was at the house of a well known local felon ...Full Article

Central Valley fight promoters arrested in Northern California

UPPER LAKE, LAKE COUNTY – 5 men and a 17-year-old from the California Central Valley area were arrested traveling through Upper Lake in preparation for a big fighting match. ...Full Article

Nervous woman proves to have a reason

Many people get nervous when they get pulled over by police, fumbling with their belongings while hoping they might escape a ticket, or perhaps even trying to hide something. ...Full Article

Lake County trio busted for meth, pills, and more surprises

CLEARLAKE — On the 27th of March at around 2 p.m., narcotics officers and patrol deputies had set their sights on a residence in the 15000 block of Cass ...Full Article

Budding novelist arrested for warrant and meth

Perhaps picturing himself as a character in a novel he is writing, a Lower Lake man made all the right moves to attract attention to himself and get pursued ...Full Article

Traffic stop leads to drugs, and more drugs

LOWER LAKE, LAKE COUNTY – A woman from Middletown was driving through Lower Lake last Thursday with a friend from Calistoga when she was pulled over by a Lake ...Full Article

Lake County wallet thief empties woman’s bank account

Around 10:54 p.m. on March 26, a patrol deputy travelling southbound on Old Highway 53 in Clearlake noticed someone make an illegal U-turn at the intersection of Old 53 ...Full Article

Wedding Ring thief caught

It’s funny how something worth up to $10,000.00 and filled with a lifetime of memories and sentimental value can be traded for just $30 cash. Especially by someone trusted ...Full Article

Spat over a phone results in arrest of a couple

Usually if a person is carrying illegal drugs, they do their best to keep it quiet, especially when the police are around, but it didn’t quite go that way ...Full Article

Man refuses to allow help for his elderly mother

MIDDLETOWN, LAKE COUNTY A man was arrested Thursday afternoon after he went to great lengths to keep his mother from contact with people trying to check on her. It ...Full Article