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Border Patrol Bags Two Bundles of Pot

EL CENTRO – The effort to prevent illegal drugs from being smuggled across the border and into our country never ends. This week, a recent success story involves U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Calexico station and resulted in the confiscation of over 47 pounds of marijuana. Near the junction of Highway 98 and Interstate 8, officers noticed two ...Full Article

Snagged at the Border with $369K of Cocaine

CALEXICO – Authorities must remain constantly vigilant along the U.S./Mexico border for various infractions of the law.  Among such infractions are the numerous attempts to smuggle drugs into America. ...Full Article

Tico Finds Meth on Pico Avenue

EL CENTRO – A routine traffic stop on Pico avenue in El Centro turned into a not-so-routine drug bust, with the assistance of K-9 officer Tico. Police observed and ...Full Article

Another Unsuccessful Attempt to Smuggle Drugs into Prison

CALIPATRIA – Your boyfriend is in prison and what are you going to do?  He needs his weed, so you try to smuggle 4 ounces of it into prison. ...Full Article

Chicago Man Arrested for Carrying Nearly 14 Pounds of Narcotics across the Border in Suitcase

CALEXICO-   Discovering 11 pounds of methamphetamine and 3 pounds of cocaine in a suitcase carried by a Chicago man crossing the Calexico downtown Port of Entry, U.S. Customs and ...Full Article

Man Who Died in Police Custody Suffered a Drug Overdose, Family Suing

EL CENTRO – According to a Coroner’s report, an El Centro man who died in the back of a squad car, ingested a lethal amount of methamphetamine. On Thursday, ...Full Article

Two Smugglers Busted with Large Amounts of Currency and Drugs

CALEXICO – Smugglers arrested in two large currency and narcotics busts at the Calexico downtown port of entry last week. On Monday, March 10, around 3:20 PM, a man ...Full Article

Five Years in Prison for Man Who Took Drunken Drive through Busy Softball Field

CALEXICO – A Calexico man who hit several parked cars and drove through a girls’ softball clinic last year is now facing five years in prison. In January 2013 ...Full Article

Thirty-Six Fugitives Making a Run for the Border Land in Jail

IMPERIAL VALLEY –  A joint agency operation targeting high-risk, violent felons, seeking more than 102 criminals in Imperial County Wednesday netted 36 wanted fugitives in an arrest sweep. On ...Full Article

Murder Suspect with Mexican Mafia Ties Attempts Pre-Sentencing Escape

CALEXICO – After pleading guilty to the attempted murder of one man and becoming the suspect in another murder, a Heber man made a daring attempt to escape a ...Full Article
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