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Man’s Reckless Shooting Leads to Murder Charge

FRESNO – A man is facing murder charges after he carelessly fired his gun and accidentally shot a grandfather in the head, killing him. The incident happened in apartments in the area of Marks and Ashlan avenues. Lemont Smith, 30, was reckless and mishandled his firearm, causing it to discharge. The bullet went through a sliding glass door and ...Full Article

Man Arrested After Assaulting Police Dog

FRESNO – A man who hit a woman holding a baby and then punched a police dog in the nose was arrested Tuesday morning. Police responded around 12:30 a.m. ...Full Article

Four Arrested After Beating Outside of Nightclub

FRESNO – Police arrested four members of a new motorcycle gang in connection to the beating of two men outside a nightclub last month. The incident happened on March ...Full Article

Man Dead, Wife Hurt in Attempted Murder-Suicide

FRESNO – A man is dead and his wife left in critical condition in what appeared to be an attempted murder-suicide in northwest Fresno over the weekend. Fresno police ...Full Article

Man Shot and Killed by Fresno Deputies

FRESNO – Fresno County sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a suspect who they say was wielding a handgun early Thursday morning in Clovis. The man killed by the deputies ...Full Article

Police Search for Gang Member Suspected in Murder

FRESNO – Police are searching for the gang member suspected of murdering an innocent woman and shooting her husband at a bar in central Fresno. On March 23, Fresno ...Full Article

Gang Member Arrested, Child Found in Backseat

FRESNO – After officers chased and caught up to a man who had robbed a woman at gunpoint, they discovered a 5-year-old in the suspect’s back seat. Nicholas Woodworth, ...Full Article

Homeless man who attacked Palto Alto Police wanted in San Jose murder

A homeless man who attacked Palo Alto Police during a confrontation was wanted in a homicide that had occurred the previous evening. 34-year-old Ryan Goodson of Fresno was arrested ...Full Article

Suspect Arrested in Connection to Fresno Vehicle Burglaries

FRESNO – A man who police believe was involved in several vehicle burglaries was arrested Wednesday morning in southeast Fresno. Offices with the Fresno Police Department arrested Bennie Montes ...Full Article

Police Looking for Man Robbing Female High School Students

FRESNO – Police are on the lookout for a man they say is connected to a series of robberies by men who are stealing backpacks and purses female students ...Full Article
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