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Footprints lead from crime scene to burglary suspect’s home

PHOTOS: Placer County Sheriff Placer County authorities recently caught up with a burglary suspect the good old-fashioned way — by following his footprints. On November 18, the Sheriff’s Office received


O.R. checkup lands one in jail for guns, another for warrants

PHOTOS: Roseville Police ROSEVILLE — Two people were arrested last week following a police checkup on two individuals who were on Supervised Own Recognizance Release (O.R.). Under O.R. designation, individuals

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Roseville Police Department announces surveillance camera registry

The Roseville Police Department send out the following advisory encouraging residents with video surveillance systems to register them – “Do you have a surveillance camera system? You can keep your


Pair caught living at vacant property face felony child endangerment, identity theft charges

PHOTOS: Placer County Sheriff’s Office PLACER COUNTY — Two individuals have been arrested on multiple charges, including felony child endangerment and identity theft, after being caught living inside a bank-owned


Pair of robbers don’t get far on I-80

Photo: Matthew Collins Jr. and Keith Marquis Coulter ROSEVILLE – On October 27 a robbery occurred at a store in the 1200 block of Galleria Boulevard. One suspect went in


Auburn man booked for murder after vehicle assault injures two, kills one

PHOTO: Auburn Police AUBURN — Police have announced the arrest of a suspect in connection to a vehicle assault that killed one person and injured two others earlier this month.


Woman flags down officer to ask for ride back to stolen car

PHOTO: Lincoln PD LINCOLN — A Cameron Park woman has been arrested after reportedly asking a police officer for a ride back to a car she’d stolen. Around 11 PM

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Man Confesses to Quadruple Homicide in Roseville

PHOTO: Roseville Police ROSEVILLE — Police have announced that a man is in custody after he claimed to have committed multiple murders at his home in Roseville. Just after 12


Woman walks into unlocked home, pulls gun on couple in their living room

PHOTO: Placer County Sheriff ALTA — A woman has been arrested on multiple charges after allegedly walking into a couple’s unlocked home and pulling a gun on them, then becoming


Pair tries to sell stolen Magic The Gathering card collection

Photo: Jesse Lee Casey and Sarah Marie Huber ROSEVILLE – During the week of September 15, a couple came to a comics store in the 800 block of Sunrise Avenue