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Celebrity News Santa Barbara

Is Third Time the Charm for Local TV Anchor Arrested for DUI and Assault on Officers?

Santa Barbara – In a clear demonstration of the value in having the right connections if you’re arrested for multiple crimes, KCOY-TV’s anchorwoman and popular local celebrity Paula Lopez—50-year-old wife of

Celebrity News San Bernardino

The Daily Show Apologizes to San Bernardino D.A.

SAN BERNARDINO – The Daily Show, which stars veteran comedian Jon Stewart, issued an apology to the San Bernardino District Attorney after wielding a high-level criticism against county law enforcement

Celebrity News Solano

“Movie Studio Mogul” Pleads Not Guilty of Scamming Investors

It was perhaps a minor miracle that Carissa Carpenter, 51, actually showed up for her arraignment in Federal Court to plead not guilty to charges she had bilked investors in

Celebrity News Sacramento

Hollywood Stuntmen Die in Sacramento Crash

SACRAMENTO—The identities of two men killed in a car crash on Saturday afternoon, October 11 in Rancho Cordova have been released. They are Robert Orrison, 86, of Sacramento and Gary McLarty,

Celebrity News Los Angeles Orange

Late Saturday night ends in DUI for Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes had quite a career going, first as a child actress, and then rising to further fame as a young woman. From 1997 to 2010, when she turned 24,

Celebrity News Los Angeles

Comedian Katt Williams Arrested for Pepper-Spray Assault near LAX

INGLEWOOD, CA—When is it not so funny it simply hurts? Katt Micah Williams, 43, was arrested by Inglewood Police Department (IPD) officers on Sunday, August 3 at approximately 7:45 p.m.

Celebrity News San Benito

Victim Assaulted During Home-Invasion Robbery

Authorities Say They Were Targeted SAN BENITO COUNTY—Authorities with the San Benito County Sheriff’s Office arrested three individuals after a home invasion robbery was reported near the county line on

Celebrity News Los Angeles

Famous Man, Infamous Deed

LOS ANGELES – Violence disturbed the quiet of the 5400 block of Brynhurst Avenue in Hyde Park on Monday night when 51 year-old Michael Jace shot and killed his 40-year-old

Celebrity News Los Angeles

American Idol star arrested for DUI

The California Highway Patrol has reported that Crystal Lynn Bowersox, the former American Idol star, has been arrested on Driving Under the Influence charges last Friday in the West Valley

Celebrity News Los Angeles

Beverly Hills Police Investigating Kanye West as Assault Suspect

Beverly Hills police responded to the 8800 block of Wilshire Boulevard Monday afternoon for a report of a misdemeanor battery involving controversial rapper/producer Kanye West. According to the BHPD, they responded