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Fleeing burglary suspect captured by Alameda PD

On Monday, November 1, 2011, Concord resident, Christian Israel Chavez, was arrested after attempting to break into an Alameda home.  The APD responded to the scene after a witness reported

Alameda California

Alameda High grad attempts to break out of police car after arrest

Early Monday morning, 2010 Alameda High School graduate, Kyle Andrew Bridges, was arrested in residential Alameda and charged with public intoxication, obstructing arrest and committing vandalism under the amount of

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Alameda church suffers hate crime

On Monday morning, Darrell Lars Oathes, a 40-year old Oakland resident, was caught in the act of vandalizing the La Luz del Mundo chapel at 2167 Central Avenue in Alameda.

Alameda California

Oakland residents on probation for vehicle theft are charged with grand theft auto

At 2 a.m.Thursday, Sept. 22 Young Kwang Koo, 23, and Victor Woo Nam, 21, were found in possession of an unreported stolen vehicle.  Koo and Nam, both Oakland residents, were

Alameda California

30 auto-related thefts in 10 days

In the last ten days, there have been more than 30 reports of car-related theft in the city of Alameda. “Although Alameda enjoys relatively low crime rates, auto-theft and theft

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Journalist who defied Feds appeals university sanction

BERKELEY – A young journalist who gained national attention for challenging the government on issues of press freedom is appealing a disciplinary action related to his reporting — this time,

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Ontario mall thieves stopped from leaving

RANCHO CUCAMONGA — Three people believed to have ransacked several stores were apprehended before they could make their getaway from Ontario’s Victoria Gardens Shopping Mall on Monday. The suspects were noticed

Alameda Fresno

Ex-NFL player ups reward to solve home burglary

FRESNO — Former NFL player Lorenzo Neal and Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims are seeking the public’s help in solving a string of burglaries, one of which occurred several weeks

Alameda Fresno San Diego

Former NFL player’s house burglarized

CLOVIS — The Clovis home of former NFL fullback Lorenzo Neal was burglarized Tuesday afternoon, according to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office. Neal, who was a star running back during

Alameda Sacramento

Dublin man falls to online exploitation crackdown

SACRAMENTO — A Dublin man was sentenced Thursday in federal court to a decade in prison for using the Internet to seek sex with an underage female. According to Assistant