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Officer and Deputy make drug arrest

Photo: Farrah Andrews Just before noon on August 31, as a deputy followed behind a CHP officer, they spotted a vehicle ahead that was crossing over lanes as it went


Man with replica shotgun eventually arrested

Photo: replica shotgun On the afternoon of September 6 a 911 call came in concerning a man in the field waving a gun around.  The field was “west of SR


Agitated man threatens officers, barricades in his truck for a while

Photo: Jacob Rankin On the afternoon of September 6 an officer with the Monterey Police Department spotted a man in the 400 block of Figueroa yelling. The “agitated and aggressive”


Man high on meth unsuccessfully tries to outrun cops

Photo: Justin Casey In the late afternoon on August 29, a black Dodge Ram truck was “violating the vehicle code” and was spotted by an officer with the Monterey Police


Burglary suspect enters home, asks for keys to car

Photo: Mikyna Odom Early on the morning of August 28 a strange situation developed at a Dunsmuir residence. 28-year-old Mikyna Odom was looking into the front windows of a residence,


Combative man unable to resist officers for long

Photo: Steven Robinson A disturbance occurred at the Empire Recovery Center on the afternoon of August 29, caused by a male subject who appeared to be under the influence of

El Dorado

Attempted murder charge for crossbow shooting

Photo: Michael Raley The charge is attempted murder. The weapon of choice was a crossbow. On the night of August 29 35-year-old Michael Raley shot a 68-year-old male with the

San Benito

Transient vandalizes, resists, assaults an officer

Photo: Raymundo Lucas Lucatero Jr. A local transient was arrested on August 31 for vandalism and assault on an officer. It started when the IT manager for the city of


Arrests overnight on August 29 in Monterey County

The night of August 29 saw some law enforcement action in Monterey County – “Deputies received multiple reports of 4×4 vehicles trespassing in south Salinas, to make access to the


Two gang members arrested as they stand in a garage with guns

Photo: what officers discovered On  August 28 at 3:00 pm a patrolling officer with the Murrieta Police Department spotted three males in the garage of a residence. The three documented