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Monterey Gets 5 Years for Smoking Weed in Jail, Among Other Things

Stock image (Source unknown) MONTEREY — 26-year-old Antonio Horace Rappa has been sentenced to 5 years in state prison for his role in an incident on December 14 of last


Two Narcotic Arrests Following Traffic Stop in Anderson

Stock image (Source unknown) ANDERSON — On June 25th just before 11:30 PM, police were dispatched to the 1800 block of Ferry Street to investigate a domestic disturbance. While en


Fremont Man Arrested for Armed Carjacking

Soloman Howard booking photo (Credit: Fremont PD) FREMONT — 18-year-old Soloman Howard is in jail after being identified as the primary suspect in an incident on June 6th. That night,


Humboldt County Man Runs Afoul of Multiple Police Agencies

James Pawlyk booking photo (Credit: Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office) HUMBOLDT COUNTY — 50-year-old James Martin Pawlyk is in custody after a two-week jaunt in which he reportedly posed as an


Back to Prison for Gang Member Caught with Gun, Drugs

Stock image (Source unknown) MONTEREY COUNTY — 35-year-old Jesse David Martinez has been sentenced to 44 months in state prison on charges of “possession of firearm by a felon, possession


Police Investigate Reckless Gunfire in Santa Rosa

Stock image (Source unknown) SANTA ROSA — On June 22nd just before midnight, officers arrived on the 2000 block of Range Avenue to investigate what was reportedly a large group


Monterey County Man to Get 15 Years for Shooting Spree

Stock image (Source unknown) MONTEREY COUNTY — The District Attorney’s Office has announced that 20-year-old Noe Chavez entered two no-contest pleas on charges of attempted murder. Chavez has also confessed


No-Contest Plea for Burglary, Police Evasion Suspect

Stock image (Source unknown) MONTEREY COUNTY — 33-year-old Timothy Callahan has plead no contest to an April 29th incident of commercial burglary, police evasion, and hit-and-run causing injury. The DA’s


Back to Jail for Convicted Felon Caught with Gun

SAND CITY — 45-year-old Timothy Allen Murray has been sentenced to two years in prison for his role in an incident earlier this year. On May 10th, a Sand City


SLO Man Off to Prison After Probation Violation

Stock image (Source unknown) MONTEREY COUNTY — The District Attorney’s Office announced yesterday, June 20th, that 46-year-old Matthew Cesar Martinez of San Luis Obispo will spend four years in state prison