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San Diego

Suspect Identified from October Assault

Jorge Becerra On October 15, 2016, a surveillance video captured a fight in a parking lot by On the Rocks Bar at 656 East Street in Chula Vista. In the video, there are


Man Arrested for Indecent Exposure

Darren Dockter In the beginning of November of 2016, there had been multiple reports of a man masturbating while driving his car in downtown Davis. According to the report, in

San Joaquin

Man Arrested For Stealing ATV

David Williams On December 29th, a man was seen riding a red ATV on the streets in Yreka. According to the California agricultural inspection station, a red ATV was reported driving

San Diego

Women Wanted For Scamming Money at 7-Eleven

On December 14th around 1 p.m., two women walked into a 7-Eleven on the 1500 block of East Vista Way. The women came up to the cashier and bought four $500


Fraudulent Business Transaction Puts Two in Jail

On Tuesday, December 27th at around 11 a.m., the Porterville PD was informed of a theft under false pretense that had occurred a few days before it was noticed at Barnes

San Diego

Two Cousins Arrested for Robbery Spree

SAN DIEGO – Two suspects were arrested on Wednesday for a recent robbery spree involving at least four victims. According to the report, the victims were all able to give a

San Diego

Man Sets Personal Belongings On Fire, Barricades Himself

Casa de Miranda apartment complex in San Ysidro On Christmas Eve around 7 p.m., a man decided to take his personal belongings, including clothes and food, and put them on the


Man Connected to November Stabbing Arrested

The Stabbing Suspect, Steven Rodriguez On November 19th, authorities received numerous reports of a stabbing that occurred at the Shadow Lounge on Oakdale Road. When deputies arrived, two victims had been

Los Angeles

Man Found Guilty in Triple Murder from 2014

On July 12th, 2014 a 911 operator for the Pasadena PD, received a call, and the caller said “I killed someone”. There were several 911 calls being reported by fearful

Los Angeles

Man Assaults Victim in the Hollywood Metro Station

Pic from the video of the assault On Tuesday at around 1 a.m., the LA County Sheriff’s Transit Policing Division was alerted of an alleged assault at the Hollywood Metro