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Breaking News Los Angeles

$2.25 Million Scheme Exposed, Perp Arrested

Steven Edward Barnstetter LOS ANGELES – 60-year-old Steven Edward Barnstetter allegedly embezzled over two million dollars during the past nine years and involving eighteen victims. His recent arrest put a halt


Public Masturbator Arrested

Chad Edwards FRESNO – The Fashion Fair Mall was the scene on Saturday night, September 20th, of an unlawful display of male genitalia to a 23-year-old female victim. The victim

Breaking News Riverside

Trio Charged with Insurance Fraud

Dr. Edward Albert Balbas CORONA — Dr. Edward Albert Balbas, M.D., Chiropractor Jon Brunelle, D.C., and Alejandro Brunelle were recently arrested for insurance fraud. The trio conspired to submit over


Santa Ana Police Look for Burglary Suspect

Albert Sierra SANTA ANA – 32-year-old transient Albert Sierra is wanted by Santa Ana Police for two incidents of burglary at the Mexican Consulate at 2100 East 4th Street. On


Attempted Arsonist Arrested

Catherine Park SONORA – The Columbia Gem Motel is a quaint little place just north of Sonora, past Squabbletown, in the Columbia community. However, just after midnight on Monday, September


Felon on Probation Assaults Again

Abel Nunez FRESNO – While at the Stop-N-Go at Clinton and West Avenue, a 63-year-old woman was approached by 34-year-old Abel Nunez.  She did not know the man, who proceeded


Drugs, a Shooting, and an Arrest

Jessie Banda The area of Spruce Grove Road and Cantwell Ranch Road in Lower Lake was the scene of a traffic accident on Sunday night that quickly proved to be more


Gang Member Brandishes Replica Gun, Gets Shot by Police

Steven Sengkeo Sengsourygna FRESNO — On Saturday, August 20th, 35-year-old Steven Sengkeo Sengsourygna brandished what appeared to be a handgun at an individual on S. Geneva, prompting a 911 call. The

Contra Costa

Largest Fraud Case in Santa Clara County Settled

SAN JOSE – A popular spa provided free “mani-pedis” but then turned around and billed insurance companies thousands of dollars for chiropractic treatments. The Santa Clara District Attorney’s office conducted

Los Angeles

Former NFL Player ‘Tackled’ in Staged Collision Scheme

Jeffrey Leon Webb RIVERSIDE — In 3 seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL, 34-year-old Jeffrey Leon Webb caught one touchdown.  One wonders if he anticipated success after his