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Girl Vandalizes Cop Cars

Melonie Hernandez VENTURA COUNTY — Whether one is a supporter of local law enforcement or not—occasionally the case until one requires the services of a cop—it’s never a good idea to

Breaking News Ventura

“Catch Me If You Can” Graffiti Vandal Gets Caught

Aaron Riis-Vestergaard Ventura County – If you’re going to run around your local community using cans of spray pain to mark your territory, it might not be a great idea to

Breaking News Santa Barbara

Hunt for Fugitive Leads to His Gang’s Arrests

Andrew Navarro and David Tinoco SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — As if Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department personnel weren’t busy enough preventing crime, apprehending those actively perpetrating crime, and chasing those who

Santa Barbara

Robbery Suspect in Wetsuit Eludes Cops…Twice

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — When it comes to evading arrest, 24-year-old burglary and robbery suspect Mario Perez Saldivar, a resident of Lompoc, is nothing if not resourceful and tenacious. His saga

Santa Barbara

He Ran, But Couldn’t Hide

Rudy Ramos and Angelina Tejada SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — In a clear demonstration of just how long the Long Arm of the Law truly is, Santa Barbara County Sheriffs, marshalling resources

Santa Barbara

DMT Cooks Busted

Adam Estenson and Jana Santo SANTA BARBARA — Dimethytryptamine (DMT), a powerful hallucinogenic recognized by law enforcement as a Schedule I drug is one of those “home brew” concoctions produced, according

Santa Barbara

Probation Check Leads to Bomb Scare and Weapons Charges

Gregory Jensen Santa Barbara County – Probation and Parole compliance checks are commonly a matter of routine, but when the Santa Barbara Probation Department urgently requested help from the Compliance Response

Santa Barbara

$500K Bail for Half-Naked Attack of Pastor

Paul Gusman Santa Barbara – Father Jon-Stephen Hedges, an assistant pastor at Isla Vista’s Street Athanasius Orthodox Church and a volunteer chaplain at the Santa Barbara County Jail with close ties


Overdose Death Earns Double Drug Bust

Shawn Farron and Neil Morales VENTURA COUNTY — The Ventura County Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit, comprised of personnel from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, the Simi Valley Police Department, the Thousand

Santa Barbara

Cops Bust 20 on Drugs & Guns

Police display confiscated firearms Santa Barbara – The Santa Barbara Police Department’s Narcotics Unit, working closely with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and with the Santa Barbara County