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Arson Arrest for River Bottom Fire

VENTURA — In the early afternoon of September 24th, a 911 Emergency call reporting smoke sightings brought Ventura City Fire Department personnel and Ventura Police Department patrol units to the dry


Arrest Warrant Leads to Coffee Shop Meth Bust

Brian Herrod VENTURA COUNTY — Considering the fact that any number of the patrons of a neighborhood Starbucks coffee emporium may exhibit certain pre-caffeine anxiety, the arrest of a man “acting


Police K-9 Sniffs Out Shotgun

VENTURA — There could well be a thriving market for a handbook to be distributed by the California Department of Corrections to every outgoing felon released on parole, the title of

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$1M Bail for “Man of the Year” Molester

Anthony Durham Santa Barbara County – Life is not without its ironies, an eternal verity brought to the minds of many on September 20th, when 67-year-old Anthony Durham, a resident of


Druggie Dealer Busted, Suspected of Counterfeiting

Derek Conte VENTURA COUNTY — One of the opening chapters of the somewhat obscure guidebook How to Succeed as a Drug Dealer undoubtedly refers to the leading principle followed by every


Public Leads Cops to Identity Thieves

Stephanie Godoy VENTURA COUNTY — Hiking through the well-traveled trails of the Ventura County area national forests is a popular pastime for those eager to experience a true outdoor adventure close


Felony Child Endangerment and Weapons Violations Arrest

VENTURA COUNTY — In yet again another clear indication that those sought on felony arrest warrants are rarely beyond the reach of local law enforcement, on the morning of September 14th,

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$1M Bail for DUI Suspect in Double-fatality Crash

Jerald Brandon Holman SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — State Route 166 crosses the Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo county lines multiple times as it connects U.S. 101 with California’s Central Valley,


Woman Injured, Her Dog Killed in DUI Motorcycle Crash

Jonathan Deinhard VENTURA COUNTY — Underscoring once again the unintended and tragic consequences that often attend a decision to operate a vehicle after a couple of drinks, 21-year-old Camarillo resident Jonathan


Brandishing and Threatening to Shoot Cop Earns Arrest

Dean Aguilar VENTURA COUNTY — The adage be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it must not have entered the mind of 41-year-old Moorpark resident Dean Aguilar