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Santa Barbara

Attempted Murder of Wife on Valentine’s Day

Mariano Elias Cordonas Santa Barbara County – Apparently Cupid forgot to string his bow this Valentine’s Day when flitting through a Santa Maria neighborhood in search of likely targets upon

Santa Barbara

Armed Cabbie Busted with Drugs

Juan Francisco Roman SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — Calling your broker to check today’s stock prices on ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft may not be necessary once word gets out of

Santa Barbara

$1 million Bail for Stabbing Assailant

Edward Jesus Garcia SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — Two weeks after a violent knife attack in the middle of the afternoon on a well-traveled Goleta sidewalk, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department Public

Santa Barbara

Arrested for Machete Attacks

Gilberto Navarro SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — One of the more appealing aspects of uniformed police work is undoubtedly the fact that no two days are ever the same, that every

Santa Barbara

Attempted Murder Charges for Strangling Cop

Erick Esquivel  SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — The potential effects of methamphetamine use were once again made apparent early on the evening of February 11th when a 911 Emergency call made

Santa Barbara

DUI Hit-and-Run Arrest

David Ruben Cova SANTA BARBARA — In yet another demonstration of the value of luck over wisdom (and the lack thereof), 39-year-old Santa Barbara resident David Ruben Cova survived a

Santa Barbara

Six Johns, Three Pimps Caught in Statewide Human Trafficking Sting

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — On January 26th, in a sting operation identified as a joint task multi-jurisdictional task force involving no less than 30 law enforcement agencies as “Operation Reclaim and

Santa Barbara

Car Thief Caught by Alert Cop

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — Just as dawn broke over the city of Goleta, a stolen vehicle report sent a Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department patrol officer to the scene of


$6.8 Million Drug Bust

Seized drugs on display (VCSD) VENTURA COUNTY — A six month-long investigation by the Ventura County combined Agency Team, collaborating with Special Agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, has finally

Santa Barbara

Armed Standoff Ends with Arrest

David Palmer SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — Proving once again that legislated proscriptions against the possession and use of controlled substances are on the books in the interests of preventing aberrant