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Guns in Car Leads to Arrest

Ventura County – Applicants for Driver’s Licenses at any State of California DMV office are frequently faced with the daunting challenge of passing a written examination that purports to test one’s


Car Burglar Arrested Once, Arrested Twice

Ventura – When Ventura Police Department’s Command Center received word from what the VPD Watch Commander described to the media as “an alert citizen” that a pair of men were busy


Charged with Assault of Cop with…A Brick

Ventura County Medical Center Ventura – Knives, guns, brass knuckles, stilettos, ice picks, baseball bats, lead pipes…those are the things that usually come to mind when one thinks of “deadly weapons.”


Really Drunk, Shoots Gun, Gets Arrested

Ventura – In the foothills above The City of Ventura Government Center and City Hall, there is a public shooting range maintained by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, where any law-abiding

Santa Barbara

$500,000 Bail for Having Sex with Minor

Justin Lee Davison Santa Barbara County – The laws regarding sexual contact between adults and minors are quite specific, universally known, with penalties for their infraction widely regarded as particularly rigorous.


Ex-Marine Booked for Felony Resisting

Benjamin Travis Sevier Ventura – Among downtown Ventura’s many watering holes, Dargan’s Irish Pub Bar & Grill is known for both its convivial atmosphere and generous alcoholic libations. Frequently, however, when


Poker Player Busted for Dealing Drugs

Brandon Thaisamran Ventura County – Just a few years ago, Brandon Thaisamran, a 32-year-old resident of Thousand Oaks, appeared to have a promising future as a competitive poker player, as evidenced


Two Arrested for Arson

Calleguas Creek at Mission Oaks, where the suspicious fires were set Ventura County – A cooperative effort among members of multiple law enforcement and public safety organizations over the entire month


Assault with a Deadly Weapon for Documented Gang Banger

David Cabanas Ventura County – When gunfire is heard in any community, it doesn’t take long for the phones to start ringing at local police stations in the jurisdiction closest to


Threatens Mom with Samurai Sword, Earns Arrest

Ventura – There is nothing so profound as a mother’s love…but even that has its limits. That was made clear in the pre-dawn hours of Monday, November 2nd in the home