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Breaking News Santa Barbara

Stalker Nailed by K9, goes to Hospital then to Jail

Photo: Carlos Medina Santa Barbara County – Anyone hoping to outrun the cops in the Santa Barbara area might want to brush up on their skills as a “dog whisperer.”

Santa Barbara

Warrant Arrest of Allegedly Violent Subject

Photo: Youvany Alvarez Santa Barbara – 31-year-old Youvany Alvarez, a Goleta resident who just might qualify for the Grumpiest Mugshot Award, was arrested this morning when Santa Barbara Police Department


Car Thief Runs Out of Gas

Photo: Alejandro Valadez Ventura County – Late in the afternoon of January 27th, a patron of a Fillmore gas station parked his vehicle at the pumps and went inside the


$500K Bail for Fraud, Forgery, Guns

Photo: Bijan Sassan Hooshyar Ventura County – A three-month-long investigation into the activities of 32-year-old Newbury Park resident Bijan Sassan Hooshyar came to an end with his arrest on January


Drug Dealer Brought Down

Photo: Alejandro Oviedo Ventura County – It was mid-afternoon on February 7th when the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department’s West County Narcotic Street Team saw the positive results of a prolonged

Santa Barbara

Hotel Drug Lab Bust

Photo: Aaron Gorzeman Santa Barbara County – Apparently, 37-year-old Oxnard resident Aaron Gorzeman is well aware of the dangers of cooking illegal drugs at home. That may explain why on


Burglary Trio Nabbed

Photo: Jimmy Bass, Tori Jackson and DJ Green Ventura County – According to Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Sgt. Jason Roberts, “several cities within Ventura County,” as well as several

Santa Barbara

May-December Drug Dealing Couple Busted

Photo: Ciara Owen and Nicholas Blaylock Santa Barbara County – The effects of methamphetamine on one’s judgment are apparently profound and unpredictable. There is little else other than a mutual

Santa Barbara

$1M Bail for Home Invasion Robbers

Photo: Ruben Jesse Gomez and Javier Castillo Vasquez Santa Barbara County – In the pre-dawn hours of January 12th, a 65-year-old Lompoc man answered his doorbell. The person on the

Santa Barbara

K9 Teams Track Down Domestic Violence Suspect

Photo: James Anderson Santa Barbara County – Once again proving the inestimable value of the four K9 units currently working with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department Patrol and Custody