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Santa Barbara

Witness Chases and IDs Hit-and-Run Driver

Photo: Luis Alberto Ledesma Santa Barbara County – On the night of November 24th, a pedestrian crossing a lightly-traveled roadway was struck by a speeding vehicle which promptly sped off

Santa Barbara

Two Home Invaders Nabbed in Santa Barbara

Photo: Heyaw Meteke and Jawad Hebbar Santa Barbara County – There may be no more terrifying crime than that of a home invasion robbery, wherein victims are enjoying a tranquil

Santa Barbara

No Bail for Santa Barbara Flasher

Photo: Bryant Colby Sluder Santa Barbara – We may live in libertine times where sexual activity runs rampant on 250 television channels piped into our living rooms, where song lyrics

Breaking News Ventura

Meth Dealer Busted in Ventura County

Photo: Raymond Joel Ventura County – Those engaged in felonious activity that falls under the suspicious eye of law enforcement often find themselves with little to be thankful for during


VCAT Cops Bust Big time Meth Dealers

Photo: Edward Rodriguez and Gilberto Jimenez Ventura County – The Ventura County Combined Agency Team (VCAT), is a group of crack cops and investigators from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department,

Santa Barbara

Dealer Forfeits $250K Bail with Second Arrest

Photo: Jose Delgado Ventura County – Some people are very good at making a lot of money…illegally. But sometimes those same people are not particularly good at making the best


Squatter Busted with Gun and Meth

Photo: 100 block of Delores Court Ventura County – Sometimes just being a cop on the beat can lead to the discovery of illegal activity far more serious than what

Santa Barbara

$1M Bail for Stabbing Homeless Victim

Photo: Glenn Allen Ray Santa Barbara County – As if being homeless and living on the streets isn’t difficult enough, it appears that deadly violence could be another fact of


On Probation and Busted for Auto Burglary

Photo: Evan Briers Ventura County – Detective J. Hollowel, spokesman for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, informed the media on November 14th of the arrest of 27-year-old Simi Valley resident

Santa Barbara

Cannabis Compliance Search Warrant Leads to Arrests

Photo: Kenneth Frederick and John T. Hamilton Santa Barbara County – California’s legalization of recreational marijuana doesn’t seem to have done much in the way of reducing the burden on