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K9 Captures Burglar

Yoschi, K-9 cop VENTURA — Ventura’s California Street is a powerful magnet for tourists. Lining its streets are numerous upscale retail shops and boutiques offering wares ranging from high-fashion swimsuits to

Breaking News Santa Barbara

Weapons Dealer Busted

Jesus Piceno SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — 27-year-old Santa Maria resident Jesus Piceno probably won’t be residing in that city much longer. Following his recent contacts with Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department

Santa Barbara

Barricaded Pellet Gun Shooter Captured

Alberto Custodio SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — With major league illegal weapons arsenals popping up throughout the northern part of Santa Barbara County, law enforcement responses to any report of “active shooter”


Suspect Arrested After Attacking Cops with Mattress

VENTURA — In a world where criminal suspects commonly wield high-powered illegal weapons, the events transpiring on the afternoon of August 12th in a Ventura residence appears to be somewhat anomalous

Santa Barbara

Tipline Leads to Arsenal

Larry Casares SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department regularly publicizes its “Tip Line” phone number (805) 683-2724 to provide a line of communication between law enforcement and


High Speed Pursuit Ends in Arrest

Ventura County – Another reason to always look both ways when entering a light-controlled intersection–even when you have the green light right of way–became apparent on the afternoon of August 12th

Santa Barbara

Invites Cops In, Gets Busted for Drugs

Ryan Barr SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — Some people simply need to watch more TV cop shows to understand the nature of law enforcement’s call to duty. The fact that when Santa Barbara


Hot Prowl Arrests

Jesus Adan Fabian VENTURA COUNTY — When Ventura County Sheriff’s Department deputies assigned to Camarillo Patrol got a “hot prowl” call for service indicating a burglary in progress at 4:00 a.m.


Drug Task Force Brings Down Coke Dealers

VENTURA COUNTY — In a clear indication that it doesn’t matter what jurisdictions are involved in today’s age of digital information exchange and cooperative enforcement among multiple agencies, Ventura County Sheriff’s Department


Busted for Robbing His Date at Gunpoint

Juan Rodriguez Jr. Ventura County – Just as Forrest Gump reflected in the movie “Forrest Gump”, dating can be “like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get.”