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Santa Barbara

Long Distance High Speed Chase Ends in Arrests

Andrew Mario Calzada SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — The late night January 5th arrests of Andrew Mario Calzada, a 21-year-old Santa Barbara resident and his passenger, 18-year-old Goleta resident Estella Varella

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Wanted Felons Ditch Kids, Attempt to Flee

Mario Delgado SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — When next year’s Parents of the Year nominations are announced, it’s doubtful if 34-year-old Francine Correa and 35-year-old Mario Delgado will be among those


Probationer Pill-Pushing Doctor Busted Again

VENTURA COUNTY — In the eyes of the law, the distinction between a common drug dealer purveying controlled substances on the city streets and a licensed physician writing bogus prescriptions


Manslaughter Charge for DUI Death of Sleeping Man

Justin Stalberg VENTURA COUNTY — It was on December 22nd when 74-year-old Igor Lirtsman, a New York resident visiting friends for the holidays, was sound asleep in the bedroom of

Santa Barbara

No “Happy Finish” for Busted Masseuses

Yaqing Yu SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — Occasionally, the world’s oldest profession branches out into ancillary business enterprises as a way of promoting the services for which is traditionally known. Evidence of

Santa Barbara

Meth and Guns Bust

Christopher Jones, wanted SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — Anyone who has ever been convicted of a felony in California is well aware of the legislated proscription against having any further contact

Santa Barbara

Felon’s Arsenal Leads to Arrest

Robert Bueno SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — It wouldn’t be unreasonable for members of law enforcement to lose sleep at night wondering what in the world much of the population is planning

Santa Barbara

Anonymous Phone Tip Leads Cops to Drug Den

Erik Stirling Goleta – Maybe it’s just the high price of real estate or a testament to the horribly addictive properties of heroin and methamphetamine, but based upon recent trends,

Santa Barbara

Real Estate Fraudsters Charged

Angelo Gabriel Naemi Santa Barbara County – As if rents and home costs weren’t already spiraling wildly out of control, there are those unscrupulous real estate professionals who apparently work

Santa Barbara

Citizen Tip Helps Bust Thieves

Amanda Dicey Santa Barbara County – The holiday season is off to a roaring start, with retailers entering the busiest time of the year. It is also the time when thieves