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Breaking News Santa Barbara

$1,000,000 Bail for Psychic Scammers

Anthony Lee Davis and Gina Lucyfenia Lee SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — Certainly falling into the “they should have seen this coming” column of criminal enterprises, a pair of “psychics” operating out

Santa Barbara

Million-dollar Fire Starter Arrested

Daniel Abraham Reyna Santa Barbara County – When little boys play with matches, things can become dangerous quickly. And when bigger boys—even those who are 19-year-old adults—play with fire, disaster can


Cop Nabs Knife-wielding Bank Robber

Oscar Barretto Ventura County – Banker’s hours certainly aren’t what they used to be. Not only are bank employees regularly putting in a full 8 hour day like anyone else, but


Coke & Cannabis Dealer Busted

Aldolfo Gonzalez and his stash VENTURA — While California may be on the leading edge of the so-called “marijuana revolution” making its way across the country, there are very clear restrictions


Dr. Feelgood Arraigned on Drug Charges

Dr. William Matzner (Photo: Courtesy Ventura County – After nearly a full year of investigating the medical practice of Simi Valley internist Dr. William Matzner pursuant to ongoing reports that


DUI Checkpoint Stops 754, Nabs 5, Cites 7

VENTURA COUNTY — We’ve all seen them: those rows of red traffic cones suddenly appearing in the middle of a busy street, artfully arranged so as to make it impossible for

Santa Barbara

Agricultural Equipment Thieves Finally Caught

Alberto Andrade, Anthony Santella and Rigoberto Avila (l-r) SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — As if being a farmer wasn’t challenging enough — considering the cost of equipment, labor, seed, pesticides, and California’s apparently

Breaking News Ventura

Pot Cooperative Busted for Tax Evasion, Money Laundering, Illegal Marijuana Sales

Robert Hoffman, Jeffrey Kroll and Willaim Macneil (l-r) Ventura County – California is among the national leaders in the movement toward the complete legalization of marijuana, but it is still a

Santa Barbara

Probation Violator Found with Meth and Burglary Tools

Antonio Turner and his kit Santa Barbara County – Two parallel criminal phenomena seem to be taking place throughout Santa Barbara County: a rash of auto burglaries going hand-in-hand with the


Five Juvenile Burglars, One Adult Arrested

VENTURA COUNTY — Modern myths often have a basis in truth. One of those that certainly has the ring of veracity to it is that “criminals always return to the scene