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Breaking News Ventura

15 Arrested in $10,000,000 “Operation La Familia” Drug Bust

Ventura County – 15 arrested! A year-long investigation by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, the Oxnard Police Department, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the Simi Valley Police Department, and the

Breaking News Santa Barbara

“White Pride” Busted for Burglary

kPhoto: Michael Orrick (Facebook) Santa Barbara – A man with white pride leanings apparently also had burglarizing tendencies. Local law enforcement knows 53-year-old Michael Orric as a “white nationalist with


Meth Dealer and Backyard Grower Busted

Photo: Backyard grow Ventura County – Authorities recently arrested a meth dealer and a backyard grower.  Officers suspected 51-year-old Thousand Oaks resident Dana Douglas of being involved in narcotics sales.  The


Parole Violation Arrest Leads Man Back to Jail

Photo: Gerald Silva Ventura County – Certainly a parole violation can land the offender back into jail. After their release from prison, convicted California felons under parole terms must obey


2nd Degree Murder for Shooter

Photo: Richard Eric Arellanes Ventura County – A 2nd degree murder charge resulted from a recent incident in Meiner Oaks.  When the Ventura County Sheriff’s 911 Emergency Dispatch Center receives


Mother & Son Busted for Running Drug Haven

Photo: Leona and Jason Comer Ventura County – Their home served as a drug haven. The Camarillo home owned and occupied by 69-year-old Leona Comer and her 36-year-old son Jason


Commercial Burglars Caught

Photo: Fernando Molina and Nicole Baker Ventura County – The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Thousand Oaks Patrol was called to the site of a commercial burglary on September 17th. Responding


Guns and Opium Arrests Follows Tips and Teamwork

Photo: weapons cache Ventura County – In the first place, a recent gun and opium bust brought to light the usual nefarious conundrum. Having a felony record and attracts the


Gun “Manufacturer” Arrested After Two Month Investigation

Photo: Brandon Lloyd Ventura County – A local gun “manufacturer” is now under arrest. Some people’s fascination with firearms gets to the point that they’ll risk serious prison time to

Santa Barbara

Lady Burglar Busted, Wanted for Possession of Dead Owl

Photo: Christen Aceves Santa Barbara County – Possession of a dead owl you say? In the pre-dawn hours of September 10th, 911 Dispatch operators received a call reporting a residential