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Parolee Caught After Car Chase

VENTURA  — Perhaps the various parole boards affiliated with the California Department of Corrections need to review the guidelines they communicate to those felons who are released from prison with specific parole


Attempted ‘Suicide by Cop’ Leads to Arrest

VENTURA — Ventura Police Department patrol officers were summoned by a 911 Emergency call to the VPD Command Center on the morning of July 18th indicating what the Watch Commander’s report


Daytime Burglar Busted

VENTURA COUNTY — The popular image of the burglar who breaks into houses and purloins jewelry, cash, computers, and other easy-to-carry personal items usually portrays a guy slinking around in

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75-year-old Charged with Murder

Mary Karacas VENTURA COUNTY — On Sunday afternoon, July 17th, Ventura County Sheriff deputies assigned to the Simi Valley Police Department rolled into a Simi Valley neighborhood following a 911 Emergency

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DUI Driver Charged with Motorcyclist’s Death

Garret D. Alford SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — What could be more fun on a balmy mid-summer evening than a carefree motorcycle ride at sunset? That may well have been the mood

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Manslaughter Arrest in Hit-and-Run Fatality

Juan Perez Aguilar SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — Just after dawn on July 14th, 88-year-old Miguel Gutierrez-Vargas was walking across a residential street in the City of Goleta when he was suddenly

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20 Johns Busted in Prostitution Sting

SBSD PIO Kelly Hoover SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — The adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is” is more on point than the series of online advertisements for


Computer Thief Fails in Switcheroo Attempt

Pablo Flores Ventura County – Certain laptop computers are in such high demand on the black market, apparently, that when some thieves are identified stealing them, they have the temerity to

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Police Connect Lompoc Man to Brother’s Murder

Arturo Herrera SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — Legend, mythology, and popular fiction are rife with circumstances of fratricide perhaps because it is so ultimately dramatic and because in our daily reality homicide


Serial Auto Burglar Arrested

Ventura County – Clearly reinforcing the well-publicized law enforcement agency admonition to “lock your car,” over recent weeks the residents of the City of Moorpark have been victimized by a series