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ADW Charge Elevated to Murder in the 1st

Jorge Chavez Jr. Ventura County – Nobody quite knows what 36-year-old Santa Paula resident Jorge Chavez Jr. was thinking early on the evening of May 13th when he allegedly approached

Santa Barbara

Traffic Stop Yields Accidental Meth Bust

Eddie Morelo Jr. Santa Barbara County – Some people have all the luck; in this case patrol officers of the Lompoc Police Department must have four-leaf clovers in their wallets


Public Helps Nab Drugstore Robbers

Loudwing Trujillo and Leslie Rodriguez Ventura County – Your local drugstore—where so many purchases are made with credit or debit cards and where cash transactions are of generally small amounts—hardly


Meth Trafficker Busted

Ulysses Centeno VENTURA COUNTY — Consumer demand for the rush that accompanies methamphetamine use appears to continue unabated throughout Ventura County, as evidenced by the alleged activities of what Oxnard Police


Ex-Wife Busted for Stealing from Ex-Hubby

Lisa Marie Brokaw VENTURA COUNTY – The fact that wedding vows don’t commonly include the admonition found in The Ten Commandments reminding us not to take things that don’t belong to

Santa Barbara

Battling Burglar Attempts Murder of Cops

Jesus Ayala Flores SANTA BARBARA — Proving once again that the day-to-day working life of uniformed police is anything but predictable, when Santa Barbara Police Department patrol units arrived at an

Santa Barbara

Meth High Leads to Bomb Threat Arrest

Jose Landeros Santa Barbara County – The effects of methamphetamine upon one’s reasoning ability came to the fore mid-morning on May 8th in the middle windswept farmland just outside the

Santa Barbara

Details Under Wraps as Child Molestation Investigation Continues

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — A man described by Santa Maria High School District spokesman Kenny Klein as “a walk-on assistant coach” for the school’s soccer team, was arrested on May 9th

Santa Barbara

Five Felonies Charged in Carjacking

Baltazar Alvarez Mendoza SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — 26-year-old Santa Maria resident Baltazar Alvarez Mendoza is apparently unaware of the ubiquity of ride-sharing services now available for anyone needing a ride


Drugs & Gun Bust

Chris Silva Gallegos VENTURA COUNTY — There may be no more peaceful and aesthetic a community anywhere in Southern California than the City of Ojai. Nestled in the foothills just