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San Bernardino

Redlands High Teacher Awaits Sept. 16 Trial on Sex Charges with Student

REDLANDS – A high school math teacher who also coached the boys’ and girls’ golf teams is awaiting a Sept. 16 trial date on charges of engaging in multiple sex

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Theft-Related Arrests Made in Bluecut Fire Evacuated Areas

Scene from Bluecut fire SAN BERNARDINO – County Sheriff’s deputies, on lookout for crime activities within the BlueCut Fire evacuation area, arrested three suspects on Thursday. Three others were taken

San Bernardino

Cyclist Killed During Pursuit of Domestic Violence Suspect

LOMA LINDA – A bicyclist was killed in a crash while police were pursuing a warrant suspect in a domestic violence case. Eric Anthony Tafoya, 37, of Rancho Cucamonga, was

San Bernardino

San Bernardino Burglary Suspect Arrested After Attacking Officers

SAN BERNARDINO – A 20-year-old burglary suspect who attacked two police officers was finally arrested on Thursday after a foot chase. Police discovered the suspect, Maurice Gibson (20), while he was

San Bernardino

Pot Bust Near Downtown San Bernardino

Police display marijuana grow in Sunnyside (courtesy photo) SAN BERNARDINO – A San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Marijuana Enforcement Team busted an illegal pot growing operation on Tuesday afternoon. Over 2,000

San Bernardino

Thousands Stolen from Elderly Woman, Caregivers Arrested

Mercedes Pettegrew and Julie Aguilar SAN BERNARDINO – Rancho Cucamonga investigators arrested two women suspected of stealing thousands of dollars from a senior citizen woman they had been caring for,

San Bernardino

Gun Goes Off, Woman Killed, Step-Brother Arrested

Samantha Jean Hedger BARSTOW – San Bernardino County Deputies chased a murder suspect on foot, eventually locating him inside a storm drain early Saturday morning, nearly seven hours after a

San Bernardino

Fontana: Attempted Rape Suspect Faces Charges

FONTANA – An attempted rape suspect, located only a short distance away from the victim’s home, was taken into custody in the early morning hours on July 20. Armando Gomez

San Bernardino

Boyfriend May Face Kidnapping Charges

CRESTLINE – A San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputy and police dog tracked drag marks through the woods early Monday morning to find a kidnapped teenager and a suspect. Law enforcement

San Bernardino

Shots Fired, Marijuana Discovered, Suspect Turned Over to Homeland Security

SAN BERNARDINO – San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies, alerted to a scene where over 20 gunshots were heard, discovered an outdoor marijuana growth operation. Luis Alfonso Quezada, 33, of San