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Web Host turns in Child Porn operator

August 29th, 2014 (0)
When a person or organization wants to run their own website, unless they have a large technology staff and resources, they use a web hosting company to provide the resources, while they are able to add and delete content ...

General store thief arrested a month later

August 28th, 2014 (0)
Manchester, California is one of the small coastal towns in Menocino County. It is near the Point Arena lighthouse and Manchester State Park, south of Fort Bragg and north of Gualala. Right along Highway 1, near the post office ...

DNA Evidence finds home invasion suspect in jail

August 27th, 2014 (0)
When you’re arrested or convicted for a felony offense, your DNA profile is collected and placed into a statewide database for use in potential matches of past or future crimes. The California Department of Justice operates the largest working ...

Armed drug dealer and customer nabbed in Sonoma park

August 26th, 2014 (0)
Just a few hours before a large 6.0 earthquake rocked the early morning hours Sunday in Napa and nearby Sonoma Counties, it was business as usual for law enforcement. A Deputy from the Sonoma Sheriff’s department was on patrol ...

Police dog helps nab frequent offender

August 25th, 2014 (0)
Redding police are rightly proud of their K9 police dog unit, which has been in place since 1965. Tarro, a 6-year-old German Shepherd, is trained in patrol duties, SWAT assistance, and narcotics detection. Tarro works with officer Ryan Ellis, ...

Dangerous Honey Oil lab discovered

August 25th, 2014 (0)
LUCERNE – LAKE COUNTY – Sheriff’s deputies doing a follow up investigation on a local young woman found a honey oil lab set up in her home. Honey oil, or hash oil labs have been in the news a ...

Fort Bragg man arrested for child molestation

August 20th, 2014 (0)
CLEONE, MENDOCINO COUNTY – Cleone California is a small community north of Fort Bragg, along Highway 1 near the ocean at Laguna Point and MacKerricher State Park. It was from here that a young woman reported to authorities that ...

Burglars caught with camera, GPS monitors

August 19th, 2014 (0)
REDDING – A pair of residential burglars were caught the same day thanks to a neighbor with a camera, and the suspects’ own ankle bracelets. On Saturday morning, August 16, a resident on Jewell Lane in southwest Redding saw ...

Busy car thief arrested once again

August 19th, 2014 (0)
These days in California, due to budget constraints and prison realignment, people arrested for non-violent crimes are usually released on little or no bail pending their court date, and sentencing often results in jail time that is reduced or ...

Reckless driver caught carrying meth, pot and a wad of cash

August 15th, 2014 (0)
CLEARLAKE – LAKE COUNTY – Perhaps it is because they are often clouded with the drugs they are carrying, or maybe they just have other things on their minds, but more and more often people who are caught transporting ...
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