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Gunfire Punctuates Roommate Dispute in Heart of Hollywood

Scene at shooting Officer-involved shooting leaves one dead HOLLYWOOD — “Shots Fired, Police Detail” was called near midnight on June 22, 2017, as a roommate argument turned ugly in Hollywood.

California Los Angeles

Record-Breaking Action Brought to Battle International Fund-Laundering

​ kleptocracy (noun) – a society whose leaders make themselves rich and powerful by stealing from the rest of the people. LOS ANGELES – The Justice Department announced yesterday that the


Dish Network Scores Record-Breaking Fine for Telemarketing Violations, Invasion of Privacy

CALIFORNIA – Consumer privacy and the Do Not Call Registry had staunch legal support brought by the Department of Justice, the States of California, Illinois, North Carolina, and Ohio. A

Los Angeles

Assistance Needed in Locating Woman Who Drugs Victims, Commits Grand Theft

Theft suspect STUDIO CITY — LAPD’s North Hollywood Division needs witnesses and victims to step forward to assist and provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of a woman

Los Angeles

Crime Alert – Smash and Grab Burglary

CLAREMONT – Police need your help locating two suspects who smashed a glass window and door, then burglarized Xerxes for Gents haberdashery in the midnight hour on May 30th. Surveillance

Los Angeles

Final Day of School Bomb and Shooting Plot, Anaheim Students Arrested

ANAHEIM – A last-day-of-school bomb and shooting plot, posted on Instagram and Kik by two male students (16), spurred authorities into early-morning action to protect the 2,055 students at the

Los Angeles

Task Force Targets MS-13 and Mexican Mafia, Gang Leadership Takedown

AP pic of arrest on May 17 LOS ANGELES – Gang leaders, shot-callers and murderers were rounded up in a Los Angeles countywide task force collaboration on Wednesday. A nearly


Barricade Drive-Thru Attempt Impeded at Border

Ramps used by suspects EL CENTRO  – El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents thwarted an attempt to smuggle drugs and drive-thru vehicle barricades using metal ramps on Sunday morning. Agents


Possible Honey Oil Lab Explodes in Costa Mesa Residential Neighborhood

Scene of Costa Mesa fire (KTLA) COSTA MESA – Authorities suspect a honey oil operation was the cause of an explosion in the 2200 block of Avalon Street last night.

Los Angeles

Life Without Parole for Botched Drug Deal, Murder

Gunman wouldn’t cooperate, identify others LOS ANGELES — The District Attorney’s Office announced yesterday’s ruling of life sentence without the possibility of parole for Mark Cooper (28) due to a