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Humboldt County Man Runs Afoul of Multiple Police Agencies

James Pawlyk booking photo (Credit: Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office) HUMBOLDT COUNTY — 50-year-old James Martin Pawlyk is in custody after a two-week jaunt in which he reportedly posed as an


Back to Prison for Gang Member Caught with Gun, Drugs

Stock image (Source unknown) MONTEREY COUNTY — 35-year-old Jesse David Martinez has been sentenced to 44 months in state prison on charges of “possession of firearm by a felon, possession


Police Investigate Reckless Gunfire in Santa Rosa

Stock image (Source unknown) SANTA ROSA — On June 22nd just before midnight, officers arrived on the 2000 block of Range Avenue to investigate what was reportedly a large group


Monterey County Man to Get 15 Years for Shooting Spree

Stock image (Source unknown) MONTEREY COUNTY — The District Attorney’s Office has announced that 20-year-old Noe Chavez entered two no-contest pleas on charges of attempted murder. Chavez has also confessed


No-Contest Plea for Burglary, Police Evasion Suspect

Stock image (Source unknown) MONTEREY COUNTY — 33-year-old Timothy Callahan has plead no contest to an April 29th incident of commercial burglary, police evasion, and hit-and-run causing injury. The DA’s


Back to Jail for Convicted Felon Caught with Gun

SAND CITY — 45-year-old Timothy Allen Murray has been sentenced to two years in prison for his role in an incident earlier this year. On May 10th, a Sand City


SLO Man Off to Prison After Probation Violation

Stock image (Source unknown) MONTEREY COUNTY — The District Attorney’s Office announced yesterday, June 20th, that 46-year-old Matthew Cesar Martinez of San Luis Obispo will spend four years in state prison

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Two Arrested for Auburn Break-In

AUBURN — On June 16th just before 12:30 AM, officers arrived at a business along Highway 49 to investigate a sounding alarm. There they found a car parked next to


Two Arrested after Burglary in Eureka

Robert Lippert (L) and Lynsi McIntire-Morgan (R) EUREKA — On June 18th just after 4:30 PM, Sheriff’s Deputies, along with officers from Eureka PD and CHP, arrived on the 800


Police Investigate Shooting in Clearlake

Stock image (Source unknown) CLEARLAKE — On June 8th just before 7:30 PM, police received word of a shooting on Old Highway 53 near Lakeshore Drive. Responding officers discovered an