Attempted Robbery Arrest at deli

Attempted Robbery Arrest at deli
Photo: David Mendez-Turbin

October 4, 2020 – Santa Barbara, Ca.
The Mission Liquor Deli is a popular neighborhood retail store where the clerks and patrons are frequently acquainted with one another. But late in the morning of September 30th , someone new to the place was waiting outside as a customer walked outside.

According to Santa Barbara Police Department Media Relations Officer Anthony Wagner, it was “around 11:30 a.m.” when a customer was confronted by 19-year-old David Mendez-Turbin who was “wielding a pocket knife” and demanding money from the male victim. Rather than comply, “the victim did not hand over his money and retreated into the store,” at which time Mendez-Turbin fled the premises.

As he made good his escape, “the would-be robber used the knife to puncture a tire on the victim’s vehicle,” Wagner reported. Mendez-Turbin then took off on foot, but was soon tracked down and contacted by responding SBPD officers.

The immediately ensuing investigation lead to a positive identification of Mendez-Turbin by the victim as well as additional witnesses and by a review of the liquor store’s surveillance camera video. Mendez-Turbin was also found to be in possession of the knife allegedly used in the robbery attempt.

Mendez-Turbin was taken into custody and transported to Santa Barbara County Jail, where he was booked on charges of attempted robbery and vandalism.

Photo: Santa Barbara County Jail Booking

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