Man Covered in Soot Arrested on Suspicion of Arson

Man Covered in Soot Arrested on Suspicion of Arson

NOVATO — A man covered with soot found a short distance away from a brush fire was arrested on suspicion of arson. The same suspect was previously contacted at the scene of several other suspicious fires.

A small brush fire was reported on August 29 at 9:45 p.m., burning approximately 100 feet from inhabited residences. The fire was located within Slade Park near some train tracks.

Police officers using fire extinguishers slowed the spread of the fire, until firefighters arrived and extinguished the flames.  A subsequent investigation determined the fire was intentionally set.

Fire investigators found partially burned material, apparently thrown over a fence and onto dry grass. In addition, police located a witness who provided a description of a man who was seen near where this fire started.

It turns out that a man matching the description was previously contacted near other suspicious fires. Officers began looking for him and found him about half a mile away.

Officers detained Vathana Khiev, 41 of San Rafael, near the intersection of Redwood Boulevard and Olive Avenue. Khiev was apparently attempting to hide when he was spotted.

The suspect had in his possession partially burned material matching the burned material found at the scene of the brush fire. His clothing and shoes were covered with soot.

Khiev was positively identified as the same person who was seen near the fire. Officers searched him and found in his possession drug paraphernalia.

Khiev was arrested on August 30 at 1:28 a.m. He was booked into Marin County Jail and he remains in custody in lieu of $35,000 bond.

His charges include arson, vandalism, and possession of unlawful paraphernalia.

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