Lying down in a planter box, not wanting to be arrested

Lying down in a planter box, not wanting to be arrested
Photo: Knight being arrested

Here’s a story from the Sonora Police Department about an intoxicated man who didn’t take kindly to being arrested –

“51-year-old Adam D. Knight of Sonora was arrested yesterday for felony resisting arrest and other misdemeanor charges.

At around 11:30 a.m. yesterday, we responded to the Crossroads Shopping center for a male who appeared to be stumbling around and was described as being intoxicated. Knight was located lying down in a planter box, but when officers attempted to check on his well-being, Knight became verbally aggressive. He then stood up and began advancing toward the officers, ignoring their commands to stay seated.

When the officers attempted to restrain Knight, he began violently resisting, which caused them to force him to the ground in an attempt to gain control. Knight continued to resist while kicking at and attempting to head-butt the arresting officers. Once Knight was finally in restraints, he spit at the officers trying to secure him in the patrol car.

Knight was ultimately arrested for public intoxication and battery on a peace officer. Due to the level of violence Knight used attempting to prevent the officers from arresting him, he was also charged with felony resisting arrest.”


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