Fake Benjamins, blowing in the wind

Fake Benjamins, blowing in the wind
Photo: the fake money

Money flying in the air! But alas, the bills were fake, according to the Grover Beach Police Department

“This morning a man came to the police department and turned in a wad of $100 bills that he found while on his morning walk.

At nearly the same time, officers were dispatched to numerous $100 bills blowing in the wind down Grand Avenue. Not a call you typically get everyday, we might add.

When officers arrived and started collecting the “money” they determined it was funny money.

Not so funny if you’re an unsuspecting business! At this time officers have collected all the bills they could find, but it may be possible there are more bills still blowing in the wind somewhere.

If you find them, you can call our dispatch center at (805) 473-4511 and an officer will come collect them from you. The bills are obvious counterfeit when handled and looked at, but every business should be aware to double check all currency bills.”


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