DUI Saturation Stats from San Francisco

DUI Saturation Stats from San Francisco
Photo: scenes from the saturation

The San Francisco Police Department released the results of a recently conducted DUI saturation operation –

“This past Friday #SFPD conducted another DUI Saturation Patrol Operation. We’d like to take a moment to share the results of this operation and highlight the great work our officers completed that night.

🔘 5 DUI Cars Deployed from 7 PM ➡️ 3 AM
🔘 39 Traffic Stops 🚗🚓
🔘 16 Citations Issued 📝
🔘 13 Warnings ⚠️
🔘 2 Sobriety Tests Administered ☝️
🔘 2 Vehicles Towed Relating to DUI Offenses 🚗🚗
🔘 4 Arrests 👥👥

Aside from from self-initiated activity, officers assigned to this operation responded separately to 3 calls for service in the city reporting DUI drivers. 1 was determined to be unfounded, 2 were unable to locate. Huge shoutout to those who helped make this operation possible, and a special thank you to our #SFPD Traffic Safety Team for their assistance. #sf #sanfrancisco”


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