WVDC Inmates Executed a Successful Attack Scheme on Deputy

WVDC Inmates Executed a Successful Attack Scheme on Deputy

RANCHO CUCAMONGA – Lunch time at the West Valley Detention Center housing unit recent erupted into violence when two inmates created a melee.  An anonymous female deputy was attacked as she provided meals in the cells on November 25, 2019 at approximately 11:52 am.

The assault on the Peace Officer occurred as a result of a scheme hatched by inmates Adeola Ade Ekisola (33) and Yesenia Alejandre (31). “Ekisola has been in custody since November of 2019 for Child Abuse,” said SBSD Public Affairs Division. “Alejandre has been in custody since July of 2019 for Assault with a Deadly Weapon and warrants.”

A scuffle between two suspects drew a Deputy Sheriff’s immediate attention – who feared injury for the inmates.”Inmate Yesenia Alejandre was choking inmate Adeola Ade Ekisola and the two appeared to be in a fight,” asserted SBSD.”

The swift intervention twisted into Ekisola’s attack on the Deputy. “The two fought until other Deputies arrived to assist.”

An investigation determined that the staged fight was an attempt to gain access to the Deputy for the sole purpose of an attack. So far, charges include PC 245(b) Assault on Peace Officer Causing Injury, and PC 182 Conspiracy.

The Peace Officer who sustained minor injuries from the fracas was “treated and released back to duty.”

Investigators are gathering further evidence to be submitted for the District Attorney’s review – with consideration of possible additional charges.

“It is because of incidents like this, our department appreciates the support of legislators such as Assemblyman Freddie Rodriguez,” announced Public Affairs. “Assemblyman Rodriguez introduced legislation specially to address the threat of these violent attacks. Additional measures are needed to help keep our staff safe and to hold suspects accountable.”

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