Adventures in San Joaquin County Law Enforcement

Adventures in San Joaquin County Law Enforcement
Photo: Robert Leard and James Jones

SAN JOAQUIN – On August 17th, Robert Leard of Stockton was being processed at the San Joaquin County Jail. The booking process included the standard pat down search. The pat-down revealed a bindle of heroin.

Things got even more focused as a strip search was then conducted, in which “another nine bindles of heroin were located.”

good job, Admiral

The adventures of San Joaquin County law enforcement continued at Waterloo Liquor, where deputies arrived in response to a domestic violence call.

James Jones, the suspect in the case, was located at a nearby hotel. Jones was uncooperative, so K-9 Admiral brought his persuasive skills to the task.

Jones was eventually arrested and then booked into the San Joaquin County Jail for domestic violence, violating a restraining order and resisting arrest.



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