Chowchilla Residential Burglar Arrested

Chowchilla Residential Burglar Arrested
Photo: Ruben Vela Hernandez Jr.

On Saturday August 10th, it is alleged that Ruben Vela Hernandez Jr. entered a Chowchilla home without the consent of the residents who were home at the time of the break-in. After a verbal confrontation between the resident and Hernandez, Hernandez took the victim’s car keys and used the car to leave the scene. The vehicle was later found in Madera.

On August 11th, officers received a tip that Hernandez was at a local store. Officers located Hernandez at the store but he slipped out the backdoor before officers could apprehend him. They then followed up with another lead regarding an area frequented by Hernandez.

With some good old fashioned foot patrol, officers were able to narrow down Hernandez’s location to a residence in the area. When officers attempted to contact Hernandez, he secured the front door to keep them from coming in, but officers managed their way in regardless.

During that process, Hernandez had made to his way to the attic and refused to come down. The Madera County Sheriff’s Department and a Chowchilla K9 Unit were called to assist but Chowchilla Officers were able to persuade Hernandez into giving himself up without further resistance.

Hernandez, a 37-year old wanted parolee out of Tulare County, known for his violent tendencies, was booked into the Madera Department of Corrections. He faces charges of residential burglary, theft of a motor vehicle, obstruction of a peace officer, and was issued a warrant for violating his parole. His bail is set at $75,000.

Photo from Chowchilla Police Department

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