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Santa Clara

Son who attacked mother arrested on murder charges

Photo: Ryan Garner SAN JOSE – The San Jose Police Department has made an arrest of a wanted suspect in the stabbing death of a woman who was taken to


Man fatally stabs his roommate

Photo: Grant Sherman NORTH HIGHLANDS – On July 13 a man was stabbed to death in the 5300 block of Jackson Street. The Sacramento county Sheriff’s Office received reports of

San Diego

Truck Theft Turns Into A Lengthy Chase, Assault, and Inevitable Arrest

Photo: end of the chase VALLEY CENTER – A recent vehicle chase may appear to be exciting when monitored from the safety of a helicopter, but it was critical support

San Francisco Santa Cruz

Aptos Babysitter gets 30 years in prison for producing and distributing child pornography

Photo: Ryan Michael Spencer SAN FRANCISCO  –  The production and distribution of child pornography has led to a sentence of 30 years in prison for 21-year-old Ryan Michael Spencer. The


Two men nabbed as they sold drugs from their car

Photo: confiscated gun and drugs in this case SAN RAFAEL – The Special Operations Unit of the San Rafael Police Department went to Fourth Street and Tamalpais Avenue on the


Uber Ride of Terror

TEMECULA – When does a regular Uber ride turn into a ride of terror? In this case, it’s when you are being ferried in a carjacked car, driven by a

Contra Costa

Security Guard Suspected of Being in Cahoots in Armed Robbery

Photo: Vincent Timmons and Gary Dillahunty CONCORD — A former security guard and another man suspected of being in cahoots have been arrested for an armed robbery. They allegedly robbed


Stolen, Distinct Rims Give Thief Away

The problem with stealing something unique, besides the criminal offense, is how easy it is to identify. Such was the case on Monday, July 22nd when a detective of the


Homeless Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Dog Walker

Photo: scene of the crime BERKELEY — A homeless man is accused of sexually assaulting and robbing a dog walker near a park. The man was taken into custody on

Celebrity News

MLB player Cameron Maybin cuts DUI deal

Photo: Cameron Maybin SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – On March 1st Major League Baseball player Cameron Maybin was pulled over for drunk driving at 2:25 in the morning. It turns out his