DUI Utility Truck Crash Flips Car with Two Adults, Two Children

DUI Utility Truck Crash Flips Car with Two Adults, Two Children
Photo: accident scene (VVNG)

VICTORVILLE – The effects of driving under the effects of alcohol (DUI) is dangerously risky business. Couple that with a large business vehicle and the ante for destruction is upped considerably.

Such was the case when Ernest Moran (32) of Adelanto drove his employers’ utility truck northbound on Mariposa Road on July 19th at 9:56 PM. The alcohol-fueled driver plowed through a red light at Palmdale Road.

Moran collided into and flipped a car containing two adults and two children. Then, he fled the scene on foot.

If that weren’t enough, Moran had also taken out street lights and signs during his drunken foray. SBSD-Victorville PD Deputies arrived on-scene. The two adults with non-life-threatening injuries were taken to hospital. The children did not require on-scene medical attention.
The fleeing inebriated suspect was soon spotted by a security guard near the Green Tree golf course.

“The security guard detained Moran until deputies arrived at the location,” said Mara Rodriguez. “He was determined to be under the influence of alcohol and placed under arrest. He was booked at High Desert Detention Center for driving under the influence of alcohol, causing bodily injury. The case will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for review and consideration of further charges.”

The City of Victorville responded with work crews to repair and/or replace the collided-into signs and lights damaged prior to and during the collision.


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