Fugitive From Washington Cannot Evade Evade Placer County Sheriff’s Deputies

Fugitive From Washington Cannot Evade Evade Placer County Sheriff’s Deputies
Photo: Paul Conklin and Amber Moreland

PLACER – Early on the morning of July 9th a deputy with the Placer County Sheriff’s Office spotted a black Toyota Tundra driving erratically by the Elm Street Shopping Center, and then back onto interstate 80.

After the truck exited I80 at Nevada Street, the deputy pulled the truck over. However, as the deputy began walking up to the trucke, it then it took off and drove in the opposite direction of traffic back onto I 80.


black Toyota Tundra

Deputies decided not to pursue the chase down I80 to this dangerous development. Instead, they drove down Ophir Road to where I80 and highway 193 meet,  in an attempt to intercept the fleeing vehicle.

However, the Tundra never arrived. Deputies began looking for the truck and “saw a pair of tracks going through a fence near the Ophir Feed Store.”

They found the truck, empty, and an attached warehouse became focus of their attention. K-9 Sonic had joined the pursuit by this time, and alerted his handler to a white van parked inside the warehouse.

The PCSO said, “The next several minutes were extremely intense for deputies, as the van’s headlights suddenly turned on, and the engine began revving. Deputies saw a hand reach for the gear shift and immediately began commanding the duo to get out of the van.”

29-year-old Amber Moreland, the driver, was charged with conspiracy, carrying a loaded forearm with the intent to commit a crime, and committing a felony while out on bail. She is being held with no bail.

33-year-old Paul Conklin “had a warrant out of Washington State, a $750,000 burglary warrant out of San Diego and is considered armed and dangerous; he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon (a vehicle), possession of a stolen vehicle, burglary, carrying and possessing a loaded firearm, and conspiracy.” He is also being held with no bail.

The truck carried stolen property and several thousand dollars in cash, as well as a bag full of marked car key fobs.



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