Erratic man gets on roof, rolls off into custody

Erratic man gets on roof, rolls off into custody
Photo: up on the roof

SALINAS – A man was acting erratically, damaging property and refusing to leave his mother’s residence on June 18th.

Officers with the Salinas Police Department arrived to the 1500 block of Mazatlan to approach the 48-year-old man.

The Crisis Intervention Team discovered that the man, stationed in the bedroom, would not talk with them. More than that, the man threw an object at an officer and lunged at them.

An application of tasers did not affect the man, who then “fought his way past the officers and climbed through a window and onto the roof.”

For the next several hours officers attempted to talk to the man, but he broke windows and tore off roofing tiles and threw them down.  He also brandished a pair of scissors and a piece of broken glass.

Thankfully, the man slipped and “rolled off the roof,” at which time he was “apprehended and taken into custody.”

After being treated for his injuries, the unidentified man was booked “for a variety of felony and misdemeanor charges.”

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