High School Student Arrested for Robbing a Blind Woman

High School Student Arrested for Robbing a Blind Woman
Photo: Jujuan Despanie

SAN LEANDRO — An 18-year-old high school student was arrested for robbing a blind woman of her phone. The 38-year-old victim was robbed while she was walking along Davis Street last week.

She was scanning her surroundings downtown, tapping her white cane, as she maneuvered around ordinary obstacles. She was taking one of her regular walks downtown.

First, she felt her cane contact what she thought was another person. Then she felt someone trying to snatch away her phone. She struggled for a few moments but during the commotion she fell to the ground. That’s when the thief pulled her phone out of its case and ran off with it.

Witnesses nearby saw the whole incident and authorities are disgusted by what happened. San Leandro police Lt. Isaac Benabou said in a prepared statement. “I have seen many cruel acts committed against different people, but this one is especially disturbing.”

One witness on a bicycle called 911 for help and followed the robber and reported his location to a police dispatcher. A second witness standing on a balcony, saw the woman struggling and heard her screams.

A bus driver passing by also saw what happened, and he stopped the bus and guided her onto the bus. She got off the bus at the San Leandro BART station, where a BART attendant was able to help her.

Meanwhile, responding officers apprehended the suspect identified as Jujuan Despanie, 18 of San Leandro. He was still holding the victim’s phone at the time of his arrest.

Despanie was booked into Santa Rita Jail on April 17. He faces felony charges for second degree robbery and abuse of a dependent adult. In addition, Despanie is charged with resisting an officer.

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