San Jose Police Lawfully Shot, Killed Fleeing Felon in Stolen Car

San Jose Police Lawfully Shot, Killed Fleeing Felon in Stolen Car
SANTA CLARA COUNTY —The District attorney’s office has released the video of a fatal shooting by San Jose Officers that occurred on Christmas day. The video shows the last moments of a desperate female felon. The woman attempted to evade police, and tried to run over approaching officers after she tried to escape in a stolen vehicle she had crashed along an embankment near Leigh and Fruitdale avenues in San Jose.
Enforcement officials stated, “When it looked as though the dangerous felon was about to escape and potentially strike an officer, four officers fired their service weapons multiple times, fatally wounding Vazquez.”
The shooting was ruled justifiable by the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office after SJPD Officers were told by witnesses stated that a car similar to the one driven by Jennifer Vazquez, 24, had just been involved with a drive-by shooting.
Police reported that earlier that evening a car had approached multiple people and that gunfire from the car had struck two pedestrians as the car approached them. As SJPD Officers responded to the scene one witness said, “That way! They shot!”
During a brief search of Vasquez’s body, homicide investigators found burglary tools used to break into cars as well and methamphetamine in her clothing.
An autopsy revealed that Vasquez was under the influence of methamphetamine at the time of the incident. Vazquez, who had an active warrant for methamphetamine possession, had been convicted of fleeing from police in a stolen car in 2014.
According to the District Attorney’s Office, “Passenger Linda Carmona-Bruno was also injured by police gunfire and suffered non-life threating injuries. The DA’s Office also found this use of force lawful.”
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