2 Men Suspected of Robbing Cannabis Products Manufacturer

2 Men Suspected of Robbing Cannabis Products Manufacturer
Photo: Domineke Dunlap and Everett Walker

BERKELEY — Two recently arrested men are suspected of robbing nearly $100,000 from a cannabis products manufacturing company. Authorities suspect this crime was an inside job.

The robbery occurred on August 31 at Organa Brands, located at 1310 Ninth Street. Almost $100,000 was stolen from inside the company’s safe.

Earlier this month, Berkeley police arrested two men suspected of stealing that money. The crime is among the largest robberies of a cannabis business in the city’s history.

When the safe was robbed, one of the suspects inadvertently dropped a latex glove, later recovered as evidence. DNA left on the glove was matched against a database, and authorities identified one of the suspects.

The glove came from the hand of Domineke Dunlap, a 29-year-old resident of Oakland. Investigators also identified Dunlap from surveillance video recordings.

In addition, when Dunlap’s home was searched police immediately recognized him from the videos. What’s more, they found the same clothing outfit the safe robber was recorded wearing.

The search also yielded a loaded semi-automatic pistol with an extended magazine, and other evidence of criminal activity.

Now Dunlap faces six felony charges, including commercial burglary, grand theft, and weapons-related charges. Because of his criminal background, if convicted, Dunlap faces time in state prison.

His suspected companion in crime, Everett R. Walker, 27 of Oakland, faces charges for commercial burglary and grand theft. Authorities believe Walker, a former employee at Organa, helped Dunlap gain access to the safe.

Like Dunlap, Walker is a frequent inmate at Santa Rita Jail. Walker’s rap sheet lists prior arrests on various drug and weapons charges.

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