Two Men Face Murder Charges Following Bicycle Dispute

Two Men Face Murder Charges Following Bicycle Dispute

CONCORD — A dispute over a bicycle left one man dead and two other men facing murder charges. The two men arrested claim the bike was stolen and belongs to them.

The victim 27-year-old Carlos Nunez of Concord died from a gunshot wound. His body was found lying on the sidewalk on Clayton Road, near Detroit Avenue on February 10. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Following two weeks of thorough investigation, Concord detectives identified two suspects and arrested them on February 22. One of the suspects arrested had in his possession property that police say was stolen from the victim.

Additional evidence recovered by investigators includes video recorded by a surveillance camera at a nearby apartment complex. It shows the two suspects one block away from the crime scene just prior to the murder.

The investigation revealed that Nunez approached a group of persons and asked if anyone wanted to buy a bicycle. The two suspects were with the group approached by the victim.

Detectives determined that Nunez was followed by two men, who shot and killed him on Clayton Road. Next, the suspects took the bicycle and other personal property from the victim, and they left the area.

With arrest warrants in hand, authorities took two Concord residents into custody. The suspects are identified as 21-year-old Jose Hernandez-Barajas, and Luis A. Mendoza, 19.

The charges facing both men are murder, robbery and personal use of a firearm to commit a crime


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