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Car Thief Runs Out of Gas

Photo: Alejandro Valadez Ventura County – Late in the afternoon of January 27th, a patron of a Fillmore gas station parked his vehicle at the pumps and went inside the


4 Teenagers Suspected of Committing 19 Armed Robberies at ATMs

SAN LEANDRO — Four teenagers suspected of committing 19 armed robberies at ATM machines were arrested and brought to juvenile hall. Four of these armed robberies happened at ATMs in


Four Men Arrested During Undercover Human Trafficking Operation

Photo: Rodrigo Baez Solis and Joan Ramos “Operation Second Chance” took place on February 9th as part of Tulare County Sheriff’s Office continued fight against human trafficking. The operation was


Jenny Wu’s Rapist/Killer Arrested

Photo: Seth Becknel MODESTO – On April 21, 2017 at 9:00 am, the body of 41-year-old Jenny Wu was discovered in the alleyway of the 1500 block of Grape near


$500K Bail for Fraud, Forgery, Guns

Photo: Bijan Sassan Hooshyar Ventura County – A three-month-long investigation into the activities of 32-year-old Newbury Park resident Bijan Sassan Hooshyar came to an end with his arrest on January


Banning triad broke gym locks, got caught

Photo: Crystal Jant, Randy Stalling and Victoria Gonzalez Being “a better person” was clearly not a New Year’s resolution for a trio of Banning adults. And if improving physical fitness


Gang-banger Arrested for Criminal Threats

Photo: Anthony Casillas Ventura County – The 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution notwithstanding, the facts of 21-year-old Fillmore resident Anthony Casillas’ arrest is a clear indication that not all

Los Angeles

Record Bust at the Border – 1.7 Tons of Meth

Photo: agent uncovering the drugs LOS ANGELES/LONG BEACH SEAPORT – Australian Federal Police (AFP) arrested four Australian citizens and two from the U.S. Wednesday as a result of an alleged


Drug Dealer Brought Down

Photo: Alejandro Oviedo Ventura County – It was mid-afternoon on February 7th when the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department’s West County Narcotic Street Team saw the positive results of a prolonged

San Luis Obispo

One Search Warrant = Five Arrests for Drugs

Photo: Kasarah Elaine Eskew, Addison Jeanise Cravens and Briena Renee Sandhu SAN LUIS OBISPO – On Thursday February 7th the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant