4 Teenagers Suspected of Committing 19 Armed Robberies at ATMs

4 Teenagers Suspected of Committing 19 Armed Robberies at ATMs

SAN LEANDRO — Four teenagers suspected of committing 19 armed robberies at ATM machines were arrested and brought to juvenile hall. Four of these armed robberies happened at ATMs in San Leandro.

Authorities released a prepared statement, detailing how they caught these four juveniles last week. This story begins with an investigation launched in response to an explosion of ATM robberies—starting in January.

By the end of January, these four kids allegedly committed 19 armed robberies in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

First, detectives conducted hours of surveillance hoping to intercept a robbery in progress. Instead, one piece of evidence led to another, which enabled detectives to identify a vehicle used by the suspects.

Within weeks, detectives linked the armed robberies to four suspects, ages 16 to 17. Their incredible crime spree started with an armed robbery at an Oakland ATM.

Detectives followed the suspects as they drove around casing various ATMS in Dublin and Livermore. San Leandro police officers followed the undercover detectives, in event any suspects exited from their car—to arrest them.

At approximately 10:30 p.m. on February 6th, the suspects finally stopped. Officers converged on them at a gas station located at the intersection of San Leandro Boulevard and Davis Street.

All four teens were arrested but not at the same time. One suspect led officers on a chase and tossed a handgun in the street. A second suspect attempted to fight with an officer but was quickly subdued.

The driver remained inside the car and was arrested, and a second firearm was located inside the vehicle.

The fourth suspect was arrested last. This boy was riding in the car with the other kids, but he avoided apprehension until later. He was arrested at his home in Hayward.

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