Transient Arrested for Multiple Burglaries and Stealing Firearms

Transient Arrested for Multiple Burglaries and Stealing Firearms
Photo: Zaragoza and items he stole

OAKLEY — A transient was arrested last weekend on suspicion of committing multiple burglaries, and among other things stealing firearms. Residences and vehicles were burglarized over multiple days in the city of Oakley.

Police examined images recorded by video surveillance cameras to identify the suspect. These images linked one man to multiple burglaries throughout the city.

One resident was burglarized twice the same night of January 4th. First, the burglar entered their unlocked car parked in front of a home on Walnut Drive. The thief stole a garage door opener and other items from inside the vehicle.

Later the same night, the burglar returned and used the garage door opener to gain access to the garage. While the family was sleeping inside the home, the burglar stole a firearm, and other items from the garage.

In another burglary incident, residents of Amador Avenue returned home on January 7th to find their front door unlocked. These surprised residents were sure they locked the door when they left home only one hour earlier.

After they entered inside, they realized someone had ransacked their home. The victims immediately left and phoned the Oakley police. The residents returned after officers arrived, and they reported firearms and other items were stolen.

The burglary suspect arrested is a 23-year-old Oakley transient, Daniel Zaragoza. In addition to burglaries on Walnut Drive and Amador Avenue, Zaragoza is suspected of committing several burglaries on Almond Drive.

Police recovered the firearms stolen from two homes, in addition to other firearms and illicit drugs.

Authorities are continuing to investigate burglaries they suspect Zaragoza committed. Anyone with information can contact the Oakley Police Department at

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