Man Steals Welders, Torches from Amador High School

Man Steals Welders, Torches from Amador High School
Photo: Ryan Lapp

SUTTER CREEK – A burglary recently occurred at the Amador High School in which various welders and torches were stolen from the school shop.

The Sutter Creek PD, and local residents, kept their eyes open for further activity. Then on November 29th,  33-year-old Ryan Lapp arranged a sale of items to an undercover officer. The items were identical to what was stolen from the school.

Once Lapp made the exchange, he was arrested by a team of law enforcement agencies. These included the “Amador County Police Officers, composed of members of ACCNET (Amador County Combined Narcotics Enforcement Team), the Amador County District Attorney’s Office and the Sutter Creek Police Department.”

Further investigation in this case produced the recovery of “a large quantity of computers stolen from another high school burglary, this one outside of Amador County.”

Some welders and torches are still unaccounted for. The SCPD asks the public to be aware and alert in an effort to help recover more of the stolen property.



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